The 20 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives

Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to own a beautiful portfolio site. Or you’re an artist who wants to showcase his skills exquisitely. WordPress has got you covered. Here are the “20 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives”.
The main significance of WordPress is its flexibility. Therefore, there are just thousands of themes to choose from. Moreover, you can make websites with zero knowledge about coding. However, you will still need to know about themes and what type of them are the best WordPress themes for creatives.

Best WordPress themes for creatives

We are going to talk about some of the best WordPress themes that you can use to showcase your portfolio. Therefore, you can use these best WordPress themes for creatives for commercial use. Thus, let’s begin.

1. Activello

WordPress themes for Creatives
Activello is the first one on this list. It’s a professional yet responsive WordPress theme. Activello is a multipurpose theme. With enough features and great visual aspects, this is one of the best WordPress themes for creative that you can use to this date.
You can generate some of the most beautiful and exquisite looking websites of any sort you want. Moreover, Activello is great for modern world standards due to its awesome and creative design. It’s simple yet intuitive. For creatives like Video Editors, Photo Editors, and others, it’s the best for showcasing your portfolio.

Simplicity is the best. Activello is far simpler than most of the sites. Showcasing your portfolio should be easy to read and simple. This is why Activello is the number one recommendation for Best WordPress themes for creatives.

2. Mockup

WordPress themes for Creatives
One of the most premium looking theme with one of the best mobile support, we have Mockup on the list. It is a premium looking website that comes with a hamburger style menu which you can see on the top right corner.
For designers and other creators, it’s another great theme to showcase your portfolio. There’s plenty of room for the content on screen. Moreover, it’s a perfect balance between beauty and simplicity.

Therefore, if you want to get noticed and showcase your portfolio in a unique and materialistic manner, then mockup is our pick for you. This is one of the best WordPress themes for creatives.

3. Freedom

A highly flexible yet responsive theme. Freedom is ideal for artists and photobloggers. Moreover, it has some of the best galleries and typographic features. It has awesome 6+ dedicated areas for the widgets too.

Moreover, there’s an awesome image slider too. The layout is great and the theme is mobile friendly. In addition to being ideal for artists, it’s also fully SEO Optimized too. It has various color options to choose from. Therefore, it’s a perfect taste of customization and creativity.

4. Calafate

Another responsive yet creative portfolio theme is Calafate. It is the ultimate epitome of customization. Hence, you can create some really good looking websites with Calafate. You can not only cleverly showcase your portfolio but you can also create a WooCommerce website using Calafate.

Most of the designers choose Calafate as it lets them showcase their portfolio and show the information in a clever yet precise manner. Therefore, Calafate is all about creativity and precision. With a creative blogging layout, you can communicate with your audience in a really easy manner too. Calafate is one of the best WordPress websites for creatives.

5. Adios

Adios is yet another creative WordPress website for creatives. It has a marvelous, stunning and unique design for showcasing different portfolios. Adios is super flexible. Moreover, you don’t need to learn coding to make it even flexible.
However, with coding and SEO, Adios can become a beast for your portfolio. You can even use lightweight animations to keep your audience engaged in watching your portfolio. This is why Adios is our pick for the Best WordPress websites for creatives.

6. Oshine

WordPress themes for Creatives
Clean and Beautiful theme, perfect for amazingly showcasing your portfolio. The theme itself has 29 demo themes that you can use for free. You can make your website look just like the one in the demo.

Moreover, you have 500 fonts and unlimited colors you can use to customize. It also has support for plugins for multiple language support. It has unique support for showcasing portfolios. This is why it’s one of our top picks for the WordPress themes for creatives.

7. Divi

WordPress themes for Creatives
Divi is probably one of the best general WordPress theme with intuitive and better design. There are some cool, well-crafted themes that you can use to showcase your portfolio. Divi is a whole hub of themes. Creativity is endless.

Divi is a powerhouse of many plugins, tools, and features. Therefore, you can make use of these features to show your portfolio with one of the best designs available for WordPress.

8. Jevelin

WordPress themes for Creatives
The perfect mixture of mindblowing visuals and well-crafted website is Jevelin. The Professionals use it for total hassle-free yet powerful designing features to showcase their stuff. With drag and drop builder, setting layouts and overall theme has never been easier.
There are some advanced admin tools that you can use to bring customization to a whole other level. There are also Parallex effects to make your website look amazingly attractive. This is the reason why it’s one of the best WordPress websites for creators.

9. Art

WordPress themes for Creatives

As the name says, Art is all about colorful and beautiful design. It’s one of the best theme for creatives. Moreover, Art is one of the best platforms to create some really interesting designs for a website.

With Drag and Drop content, applying themes and customizing a website to showcase your portfolio. Moreover, you can host fonts from Google Fonts, Adobe Fontkit, and even other sources to make things more interesting. Art is best for artists who want to show their works and portfolio. Art is one of the best WordPress themes for creatives. Therefore, you should give it a go.

10. Uniq

With six different homepage layouts, you can make some awesome designs for the portfolio. Moreover, it comes with many pre-designed templates that you can use to showcase your portfolio.
There are a variety of options to choose from. The theme itself is so simple that everything is very readable. Also, you can customize these templates to make it as per your demand. Making unique layouts and content on your website is possible with Uniq. Therefore, you should give it a go.

11. Onero

WordPress themes for Creatives
Best for designers, artists, photographers, Onero packs a punch. Thus, if you need a professional-looking website to showcase your services, the Onero is one of the most recommended best WordPress websites for creatives. There is a total of 27 demos that will show you the potential of this theme.

In addition to the overall theme, it also gives a set of features to make a landing page or even an online store. It also has multilingual support, so making an international website is not even a problem.

12. Creative

WordPress themes for Creatives
In addition to beautiful design and fully creative features, it also has a full-screen built-in slider. It is perfect for a photographer and designers. It’s all about creativity. Moreover, Creative can be used to impress your co-workers or your client with awesome readability and beautiful design.

The beautiful design will make your portfolio look even more impressive and beautiful. It is one of the best WordPress themes for creatives.

13. Flash

WordPress themes for Creatives
It is also a multipurpose website that can be used for portfolio building websites too. It is highly customizable with several features for WordPress. There’s also a dedicated plugin called “Flash Kit” that comes with this theme.
Moreover, this Flash Kit has more than 18 widgets that you can add and customize your website overall. it is one of the best WordPress themes for Creatives.

14. Minimal Grid

Minimal themes are the best. You can easily read everything on them. Moreover, the more simple a website is, the better it is. If you want to draw attention to your online portfolio, then Minimal Grid is the way to go.

It is suitable for a variety of websites that include news and magazines, portfolio and blogging. It has a mobile-friendly layout too. Moreover, the theme is in the form of grids so it’s ideal for blogging. The best thing about this theme is simplicity. With the most minimal design, you can catch attention, which is a good thing.

15. Shapely

WordPress themes for Creatives
One of the most brilliant themes you can choose is Shapely. With its outstanding layout, creating an online portfolio is not even a problem. It has a parallax section and other features too, making it a unique theme for WordPress.

Moreover, Shapely provides one of the best layouts for blogging and making portfolio. With the use of sharp texts, stunning graphics, and awesome colours, you can take your customization level to infinity. This is why Shapely is recommended for the best WordPress themes for creatives.

16. Luna

Listen to me out! For a portfolio, you must always choose the most simple themes. This is because rather than looking at your complex website, people will look at the content first. However, the website’s theme will polish the experience for the viewer
Luna is another beautifully shaped theme for minimalism. It is fast and SEO friendly too. There’s a section of fonts to choose from. All fonts are front Google’s library. Once you install the theme, you will be provided lifetime updates too. Luna is one of the best websites for showcasing your portfolio.

17. Radiate

WordPress themes for Creatives
In addition to making a portfolio, you can also make a blogging website with the use of Radiate. It comes with a couple of customization features that will make your website look to be pretty cool.

There’s an option of background customization menu, color options and also a sticky menu too. You can choose a tiled or slideshow gallery to your liking. Using Radiate can impress your customers and clients. Therefore, it’s more than recommended. It has a fully responsive, SEO optimized design. The best thing about Radiate is that it has custom CSS support too.

18. RT. Portfolio

For personal and professional use, RT. The portfolio has been impressing clients and customers for a long time now. It’s one of the best customizable WordPress templates for your business.

It has one of the most impressive sections for blogs, portfolios, and slideshow too. It has a very responsive layout too. Moreover, RT. The portfolio is fully SEO optimized. Moreover, you also have beautiful typography, colours and font support too.

19. Accelerate

Ideal for your portfolio and small, more simple business, Accelerate provides you simple and intuitive design. The main approach here was simplicity and ease of use. Which the maker achieved fully.

You can easily customize the seem to portray whatever you want on your website. It is fully responsive on any type of device whether it’s a pc or mobile. It is also WooCommerce supported which is a total plus point. Therefore, Accelerate made it to our best WordPress themes for the list of creative.

20. Bridge

Bridge is ideal for multiple purposes. From projects to making a portfolio, it’s one of the best choices for you. There are many demos to choose from. Moreover, the design is ideal for launching your business that provides services.
There is prebuilt content to help you in customization furthermore. You can sell physical or digital products all over your website too. There’s the WooCommerce support, so it’s ideal for opening an online store