GTA Vice City iPhone/ iOS Mobile Cheats

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City was a groundbreaking game for consoles and PCS that thrust Rockstar Games into the limelight in 2003. This title availed open-world gaming to the masses and introduced a level of player freedom that had not been experienced before. Fans loved GTA Vice City so much that it was adapted for smartphones and tablets in 2013. The mobile version was released to mark the game’s 10th anniversary, and there were versions for iOS and Android operating systems. The mobile version presented colorful, advanced graphics to players as well as the opportunity to enhance the gaming experience through cheats. We’ve combed through numerous gamer message boards to bring you the following GTA Vice Vice City iPhone cheats. If you are a GTA lover you should play GTA San Andreas mobile version.

How to Prepare your iPhone for GTA Vice City Cheats

For you to utilize the GTA Vice City cheats successfully, it is necessary to have a keyboard that you can activate during gameplay. You should have a keyboard attached to your gaming device that can enter commands while you’re controlling the virtual characters in the open world. There are two main ways to achieve this effect:

  • Invest in a Bluetooth or USB keyboard and connect it to your iPhone
  • Download a Virtual gaming keyboard app from the Apple App Store

You can connect an external keyboard to your iPhone through a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection. The keyboard should be nearby as you play so that you can activate cheats in live play. Alternatively, you can install a gaming keyboard app that overrides the game graphics to show up on the screen during play. This app should be light so that it does not apply excess pressure upon your iPhone’s RAM. It should also provide haptic feedback and clear, different keys for easy visibility during operation. For the best cheat execution, it is better to download a keyboard app because it is much more convenient.

Caution regarding cheats while playing GTA Vice City on your iPhone

There are numerous cheats that you can use within this game to improve your player experience. If you are want to use the cheats, it is essential to understand this game’s recommended mode of usage. You can enter a word or phrase to activate a cheat and then repeat it for deactivation. The majority of GTA vice City cheats operate in this way. However, some cheats cannot be deactivated, for example, pedestrian cheats. If you enter these permanent cheats, do not save your game during the playing session. Wait until the session is over to keep it. That’s because saving your progress while in-game can corrupt the saved game file. Remember this critical fact while using the following GTA Vice City cheats for iPhone.


GTA Vice City Cheats for iPhone

Cheats for General Gameplay

Effect   Cheat
Full Health aspirine
Full Armor preciousprotection
All Weapons Set 1 thugstools
All Weapons Set 2 professionaltools
All Weapons Set 3 nuttertools
Kill own Character icanttakeitanymore
Raise Wanted Level youwonttakemealive
Lower Wanted Level leavemealone
All Green Traffic Lights greenlight
Bikini Girls With Guns chickswithguns
Fanny Magnet (female peds follow you) fannymagnet
Faster Gameplay onspeed
Speed Up Time lifeispassingmeby
Slow Down Time booooooring
Pedestrians Riot fightfightfight
Pedestrians Hate You nobodylikesme
Pedestrians Have Weapons ourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians Carry Rocket Launchers godpower
Display Media Level Meter chasestat

Cheats to Change the Character’s Appearance

By using the following cheats, you can play the game with the appearance of Mercedes, Candy Suxxx or any other character in GTA Vice City:

Effect  Cheat
Give Tommy female arms and legs programmer
Tommy Smokes certaindeath
Play As Candy Suxxx iwantbigtits
Play As Hilary King ilooklikehilary
Play As Ken Rosenberg mysonisalawyer
Play As Lance Vance looklikelance
Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent) rockandrollman
Play as Love Fist character (Dick) weloveourdick
Play As Mercedes foxylittlething
Play As Phil Cassidy onearmedbandit
Play As Pedestrian stilllikedressingup
Play As Ricardo Diaz cheatshavebeencracked
Play As Sonny Forelli idonthavethemoneysonny
Make Tommy Fatter deepfriedmarsbars

Spawn Some Cars During Gameplay

A fantastic characteristic of GTA Vice City is that it has a huge collection of vehicles. The main character Tommy can pick any car off the street and drive it to his missions. This is an expected characteristic of the game seeing as it is named after the car theft crime of Grand Theft Auto. You can make driving around the city more exciting by spawning cars on demand. This saves you the effort of running or riding around the city in search of your favorite car. Here are the cheats you can use to this effect:

Effect                                          Cheat
Spawn Bloodring Banger 2 travelinstyle
Spawn Caddie betterthanwalking
Spawn Hunter. iwillgettomars
Spawn Limo. rockandrollcar
Spawn Rhino (Tank) panzer
Spawn Romero’s Hearse thelastride
Spawn Sabre Turbo gettherefast
Spawn Hotring Racer getthereveryfastindeed
Spawn Hotring Racer#2 getthereamazinglyfast
Spawn Trashmaster rubbishcar
Spawn Bloodring Banger 1 rockandrollcar

There are some additional automotive special effects that you can activate in GTA Vice City using the following cheats:

Effect                        Cheat
Heavy Traffic / Aggressive Drivers miamitraffic
Blow Up Cars. bigbang
Blow Up Close Cars bang
Pink Cars ahairdresserscar
Black Cars iwantitpaintedblack
Pedestrians get in your car hopingirl
Fast Boats can Fly for a bit airship
Cars drive on water seaways
Dodo Cheat – Flying Cars comeflywithme
Increased Handling gripiseverything
Fast Engines 1 gettherequickly
Fast Engines 2 getthereveryfastindeed
Fast Engines 3 getthereamazinglyfast
Higher Top Speeds gettherefast
Bigger Wheels for sports cars loadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on cars wheelsareallineed

Cheats to Change the Weather in GTA Vice City on iPhone

Within this fascinating game, you can customize everything to fit your playing preferences including the weather. Here are the cheats that you can use to achieve this goal in GTA Vice City for iPhone:

Effect                              Cheat
Good Weather apleasantday
Great Weather alovelyday
Foggy Weather cantseeathing
Stormy Weather catsanddogs
Sunny Weather abitdrieg
All Weather at once! worldismad


You can get thrilled by playing GTA Vice City on your iPhone with these cheats. They help you to create a gaming environment of your design. Some of them give you advantages over law enforcement, and others help you to battle your enemies easier. In addition to that, some simply create an authentic, lawless atmosphere for you to enjoy. Enter our cheats during gameplay and experience GTA Vice City on iPhone like never before!