Most Expensive Robots
Most Expensive Robots

Top Robotics Companies In The World – Best 10 Robotics Companies

We are talking about Top Robotics Companies in the world right now. 2019 has been pretty bright for Robotics. There are many improvements. In addition, companies are trying to build innovative products. Moreover, they are trying to simplify the whole concept of Robotics. Dealing with robots is pretty difficult. Therefore, we need as much simplicity and we can for the time being.
Once that standard is set, then the main improvements will be made. As time passes, the robotic industry is rising too. By 2021, it is expected to go over $4 Billion USD. We are going to talk about some of the best companies for Robotics. The companies that make robots and are best in their game. These companies are more likely to outshine the robotic industry of 2019. So without further redo, let’s move towards the list.

Top 10 Industrial Robotics Companies in the World

There are just a lot of companies out there. Moreover, they make great robots. Every company has its own key products. These key products are the best in their own way. From automation to medical fields, robots are basically everywhere. So let’s move on with the lists.

1. Yamaha

It all started in 1981. Yamaha was determined to create a new industrial robot. Taking the challenge wasn’t that easy. They tried, they did it. With enough determination and sheer will, folks at Yamaha did their best and the results are rather amusing. Therefore, since that time Japan is providing the whole world with quality robots. In addition to that, the cutting edge technology they provide is limitless. They are the best in their game.
They provide some of the best speeds, dependability, and reliability. This is why Yamaha is considered in the Top Robotics Companies in the World. The current robots that Yamaha uses have some great decades of experience in them. They have their own manufacturing plants which are literally thousands in number all over the globe. They also provide the Cartesian System with the use of 2-Axis models. These models are used mainly in pick and pack robots. Yamaha makes a list of Robots. The SCARA robots are the most popular of them.

2. Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a leading company for providing various robots. Therefore, Kawasaki is really popular. They have over 160,000 Robots installed worldwide. They have a lot of applications. Moreover, they provide automation and industrial robots. They have a broad section of products to choose from. Moreover, they have to build a really tough portfolio for themselves. In addition to that, Kawasaki was the first company to actually normalize the use of industrial robots over the globe.
One of their most popular products is a SCARA robot. Moreover, the specialty of these robots is, they work along with humans. They provide robots from manufacturing to medical.

3. Yaskawa

In 1977, Motoman rose up. Yaskawa introduced the first all-electric industrial robot. This Japanese country has been working for a long time. Therefore, they are pretty relevant. They have over 18 Million devices attached worldwide. Yaskawa have more than 300,000 robots worldwide. They have been showcasing various optimum robots for a variety of task. Use cases of these robots include arc welding, material handling, material removal. Moreover, they are also used for material cutting too.
Yaskawa continues to make awesome robots for the industry. That’s why it’s considered in top robotics companies in the world.


They have a variety of robots. FANUC covers a whole lot of industries and applications. Moreover, they provide more than 100 Robotic models in robotic industries that are pretty easy to use. They provide a lot of flexibility. FANUC provides one of the widest range of robots all around the world. Therefore, they are considered top robotics companies in the world.
They have been working a lot to make flexible and easy to operate robots. Therefore, the future of them is pretty bright. Moreover, they incorporate smarter AI to make their products smarter.

5. Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi is the name of productivity. They have introduced a variety of robots with the passage of time. Their productivity and speed with precision is the key to their success. Mitsubishi has further extended its game in SCARA robots. They have also included some Delta style robots. Moreover, Mitsubishi had been in action since 1980.
This makes them one of the top robotics company in the world. Mitsubishi, along with cars makes some awesome robots. They are really revolutionizing the robotics industry with their awesome inventions.

6. Rethink Robotics

Lately, rethink is grabbing a lot of attention. Rethink was one of the earliest manufacturers of collaborative robots. They make robots keeping in view the economic situation of the country. Therefore, they provide some of the fastest robots who can help in collaborative and productive tasks. Baxter the robot is one of an example of Rethink Robotics.
With Intera, very complex integration of software is done in Baxter. Therefore, they provide world-class manufacturers in Robots, automotive, electronics. Moreover, this ultimately improves labor and optimizes everything ultimately.

7. IGM

Robotics Companies
IGM is the one and only manufacturer of Robots from Austria. They specialize robots in arc wielding in mechanical applications. They have more than 3000 wielding robots worldwide. Moreover, they are pretty successful in what they do. Applications of IGM robots are in digging, wheel bearing, bridge manufacturing. Moreover, they are also used in cranes and trucks
IGM was founded in 1983. Since that time, it has improved a lot. IGM has become one of the top robotics companies in the world

8. Uber

Robotics Companies
Uber is still continuing the testing of self-autonomous cars. They didn’t stop even after the fatal accident that happened. Nothing can stop them. Therefore, it is raising a lot of money. In 2018 they raised like, 3.1 Billion Dollars. After 9 months of rest at the time of the accident. They started a lot of testing again.
In Pittsburgh, they started testing again. Therefore, Pittsburgh was the first city to host users self-driving autonomous vehicles.

9. EPSON Robot

Robotics Companies
In 1984, the Epson factory automation group rose on the surface in America. Therefore, as the name says, they were founded to meet the automation needs. Moreover, they are pretty popular in large manufacturing industries nowadays. For a couple of decades, Epson is known to be a leading manufacturing company for small robots. They have introduced some awesome Scara robots and PC controlled Robots.

10. B+M Surface Systems

Known as the world’s leading robotics manufacturers, they provide some awesome painting systems. Therefore, they are pretty popular. They make fully automated painting systems. These systems are applied to some serious high-quality surfaces. At every stage of your work, these robots will help you from head to toe. Therefore, that’s the reason why B+M is the world’s leading Robotic manufacturer.
Moreover, let’s talk about the industrial trends of robots that we are going through or will go through in the Future.

Robotics Industrial Trends 2019

Robotics Companies
Robots have changed the way our industries work in manufacturing products. In the last decade, there has been a lot of development in this regard. Robotics is more like a trend than actual working robots. In addition to that, robots are moving into our houses and industries.
While robots are actively working in automobile and other industries. Therefore, 2019 will be the year where we’ll get to see many big revolutions and trends. Here’s the list of some predictions.

1. Open Source for Robots

2019 has been by far, a great year for the robotics market. Companies have been actively working on a lot of analysis. They have been collecting all sorts of data for autonomous machines and other stuff.
Amazon has launched AWS ROBOTMAKER PLATFORM. Therefore, this would increase a lot of developments by other companies and manufacturers. Open source literally means that making software or system is 50% easier than actually building it by yourself.
This lowers the barrier of problems that most developers have while developing robots. I can proudly say that real innovation is on its way to hit our market.

2. Robots around the Corner

It’s not wrong to say that we’ll get to see a new revolution in our industry. Developers are constantly making out new things, new algorithms, and stuff. This makes it easy to judge that there will be advanced robots in the future. Or maybe this year?
Therefore, with robots getting smart and smart, I think it’s finally time to launch new discoveries in our industries today.

3. Collaborative Robots

The whole concept of Cobots, or should I say robots working alone with humans is being generated. However, it doesn’t mean that we will be suffering from it or something. We won’t lose our jobs. We will just work along with the robots. That’s the type of future I see.
As robots are normalizing, the cost of robots is decreasing too. This means that it’s easier to get our hands on them. Amazon is a fine example of working with Collaborative Robots. But deploying only robots might cause a bit problem. So a collaborative environment is better in this regard. Therefore, collaborative robots can be in top robotics companies in the world.

4. Delivery Robots

Many online companies suffer from this. Often times, they have to pack a small-sized package and deliver it far away. This makes the delivery man suffer the most. Some of the robots are trained to actually work in the indoor environment. These robots carry out mails and stuff in the office and other companies.
Moreover, Nuro, developed by Google will take deliveries in the street and even sell hot foods and stuff. Nuro is already doing its job in Arizona. Therefore, we can expect to see some really awesome technology this year.
Now let’s talk about some of the most expensive robots we see in our robotics industry nowadays.

Most Expensive Robots

Robotics Companies
Most Expensive Robots
So this list will include one of the most expensive advanced Robotics available in the world right now. We all know that robotics is the technology in which robots carry a really complex series of task with little no to human operation.
Therefore, the truth is that most of the robots are pretty expensive. If you are like a millionaire. You might be able to afford it. Most of the times, robots are created for industrial purposes. On the other hand, there are some robots that are created as a personal everyday robot.
Most people who buy household robots use them as companions. Therefore, robots will help them in their everyday life. There are some robots we use every day. Like, a vacuum cleaner. But the truth is that they are pretty simple.
There are several reasons why their robots are so expensive. The main reason is that the company has to cover all the expenses of robots. Moreover, they also need to give money to people who have developed it. So really, it makes sense why these robots are so expensive. So let’s talk about advanced robots made by top robotics companies worldwide.

1. Robo Thespian 

The price of Robo Thespian is $93,000. Tell me if it isn’t crazy. Moreover, it’s solely designed to have public interaction with people in our environment. Robo Thespian is the first commercially launched robot that actually acts like humans. Engineered Arts, a British company created his robot.
There are a lot of features it provides. It can sing songs, interact with humans. In addition to that, it can also make eye contact with people. Moreover, it can go even crazier. With complex AI built-in. It can guess your age. Institutes and companies buy this robot to deal with guests. This Robot is also used at events. The price is though. $93,000. Which is quite a lot?

2. Xenex

The price of this robot is $125,000. The main purpose to design Xenex was to disinfect areas from germs. Mostly in hospitals. With the use of Ultra-Violet rays, it completely obliterates germs in a certain area. This will really decrease the possibility of infections. 75% of the deaths occur due to these deadly infections. That’s a fact.
So Xenex is pretty much-saving patients from dying. It not only saves lives but also the lawsuits that occur to a company many times a year. The current status is Xenex is that it’s used in over 400 Hospitals right now. Costing 125,000 USD, it really is pretty expensive.


Price of ICUB is $266,000. This is absolutely mind-blowing. This was developed by the Italian Institute of Technology. The main cause of designing ICUB was to make it interact with humans. Therefore, by interacting it will learn from humans. It is only one meter high in size.
It interacts with people just like children do. The features are mindblowing though. As a child robot, it can crawl just like them. It crawls while avoiding objects. It can solve complex mazes, make different facial expressions and grab objects that can fit in the hand. Moreover, they can also interact with human beings. Only 30 ICUBs have been made and their price is just a lot.

4. PR2 Robot

It is priced for $280,000. It was introduced by Willow Garage. PR2 was made in 2010. It contains two arms with Omni directions base. Moreover, it has 48 Gigabytes of ram. PR in PR2 stands for Personal Robot. Therefore, it has a similar body size as a human.
This robot is used to do complex tasks. Such as opening a door and grabbing stuff. In addition to that, it can also fold towels. The price of 280,000 dollars is the sale price.

5. HRP 4

This robot is priced for $300,000. It is supported by Japan’s Ministry of Economy. This is the humanoid robot project. It is 5 feet tall. Moreover, HRP4 is a worker drone. It can do some complex tasks like, gripping, face tracking and even using some tools. HRP4 can even pour drinks. The price is 300,000 USD. However, it is quite a lot.

6. Hubo 2

It is priced for $400,000. It was developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Moreover, the first Hubo was launched in 2004. It was the first robot which was actually built outside Japan. But the new one is pretty light and fast. There are a bunch of features too. Containing more than 40 motors. Moreover, it has dozens of inbuilt sensors.
Hubo can also walk, even run or dance. The price is around 400,000 dollars. Many of these robots are mostly used in the industrial sectors.

7. Kuratas

It has insanely 1.3 Million USD price tag. It’s a semi-autonomous robot. Therefore, it can be operated by the user. Moreover, it’s a rideable robot. Developed by the Japanese Company Suidobashi in 2012. This robot is the future. It shows how robots might actually prove helpful in wars and stuff. It can pick up objects. Moreover, it can also use some accessories. It also has a launcher which firewater. But if we talk about the future, they might be useful in wars.
With greater ability in war comes greater threat to humanity too. Japanese have really improved their technology game I’d say. It cannot walk but it can drive using the four wheels. But what’s crazy is the price. It has a 1.3 Million USD price tag.


With the price of $2 Million, it’s a unique product. It was advertised as the world’s most dynamic humanoid robot in the whole world. Originally, it was developed by the awesome Boston Dynamics. ATLAS was introduced in 2013. Moreover, the new version of ATLAS can perform indoors and even outdoors. It can walk over uneven terrain. Moreover, it can even walk on the snow. How cool is that?
With the use of LIDAR sensors, it can analyze all the terrains and stuff.  It can grab objects. In addition to that, it can even jump a whole 180 degrees backflip. But the cost is 2 Million Dollars. Which is quite a lot?

9. Valkyrie

This robot is also priced for $2 Million. Valkyrie was developed by NASA. The purpose of designing it was to operate various situations in dangerous environments.
It is used to explore other planets. It can even repair international space stations. This robot performs various tasks all by the command of a human being. It can analyze everything with the use of LASER on it heads to asses various situations. Valkyrie has over 200 individual sensors. The most recent models can cost us over 2 Million Dollars.


2.5 Million Dollars is a lot. Well, ASIMO costs that much. Therefore, it is the most expensive robot in our list today. Moreover, it’s one of the most expensive robots in the world right now. This robot is created by Honda’s research and development program. It can operate in crowded places such as shopping malls and other highly crowded places. Therefore, it can adapt to the environment which it’s surrounded from.
ASIMO can walk on literally any terrain. It can also dance. Moreover, it can also run too. The speed of ASIMO is 9 Kilometers per hour.  It’s one of the rarest robots. One prominent feature of ASIMO is that it can climb and descend stairs too without having to be operated from a human.
But here’s the crazy part. Asimo can actually read humans brainwaves. Using those brainwaves it can make various gestures. The price of ASIMO is whopping 2.5 Million USD.
Therefore, these are some of the top-level robots we’ve talked about. Now, in coming years their prices might change a lot. Depending on the companies situation. But these are some of the most impressive and expensive robots that we talked about. Therefore this was the list of most expensive robotics companies in the world.

Final Words

Robotics Companies
What’s Next?
We are going through another revolution of industry. Every company wants to move forward in robotics and become the next robotics companies. All the companies want best for them. Therefore, they are taking measures and doing their best to improve robotics and the applications day by day. Robots are getting smart. It’s 2019 right now and it’s really hard to believe that the time is really close. Time in which robotics companies will take over our industries.
The key to making smarter robots is sound research and some quality development. Don’t worry though! Top Techy tips have got you covered. We will bring the latest information and show it to you guys.

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