How to Make a Gaming Chair [ DIY Gaming Chair ]

Most gamers are well known for spending most of their time in their seats at home watching their screens and also trying to control their consoles. If you are one of them am sure you are aware of the importance of having the best gaming chairs for your gaming. Before deciding on what type of chair you want, you must ask yourself how worth is the chair.
Getting the best gaming chair is not that easy; you may think there is so much that you need to consider. You will be frustrated when you find out that you are not familiar with your DIY gaming chair as you are gaming.

Is it Possible to DIY a Gaming Chair?

To be honest, yes, you can do it with a little bit of creativity and imagination to come up with an ideal chair for your gaming. When it comes to chairs, some people do think that having their seats with all they need while gaming is excellent.
Modern chair designers do make chairs based on the ideas they have. Making your gaming is ideal because it will be able to meet all you need. To add on that, you will be able to use the exact measure to avoid your legs from hanging while gaming. The materials, if provided and you have the knowledge and skills on what you want your chair to look like you will be able to make the chair of your desire. The DIY gaming chairs are not only meeting your need but also they are cheap compared to what you will buy. This is because you use the readily available materials in making them.

 Materials for Making your DIY Gaming Chair

Having an idea of making your DIY gaming chair is excellent. However, you need to have or know the materials that you need to have a complete and good gaming chair for your activities. There are various tons of car materials or waste seats that are durable and good you need, like the Junkyards, Ferrari, Porsche, or even range rover car seat materials that are being sold cheaply. The other materials that you may need include

  • A drill
  • 4 L-Brackets or you can make scrap in this case
  • Paints of your choice, this can be optional
  • A set of drill bits
  • Two boards that measure 2x5x8 this can be longer or shorter depending on your preferred size
  • a separate board of size 2x6x6
  • a box of 3in screws and it should be long enough depending on the size

These are some of the materials that are required. There are other materials that you may add as per your wish and creativity to get the dream seat. It should be understood that it’s not that easy as you may think if you haven’t seen or you don’t have the proper procedure of making it. Below are the steps you can follow to custom make gaming chair

How to Build a Perfect Gaming Chair

  • Look for the junkyard and get a car seat- if you do not have a car seat you need to go and get it from the junkyard, the position can be specific of the car type you want or any. If you don’t know which one you need to buy, it is good that you go for those from premium car models and try to test which seat is right for you.

junkyard and get a car seat

  • Make a good base for your chair- cut a board of 2x12x8 size to fit the size of your chair. The cut should be done in that the lower area to be wide for easy accessibility and appearance. To achieve this, you can make the top to be around 8 inches wider than the top. And it should also be 2 inches longer it that of chair flame.

cut a board

  • Once you have done this, set up the two in a stable area and place the chair on top– To make it durable and robust, you need to nail the stands. Ensure that everything is straight from the board and the end. Measure the distance between the two boards and have four cuts of 2×4 and place it at the bottom perpendicular to the base. Drill and screw and repeat it on the other side to fully assemble it
  • After finishing the base now is to begin mocking up with your L-Brackets – The brackets will hold the base from falling off. With a Christmas, tree drill makes holes and take off the nails once you have done it. You can now test your chair on the base and see how it is. If there are some bolts that are seen, you can drill a hole that is large enough to make the base to fit in. If this is well done, the seat should be sitting flat and looks almost done.


  • Spruce up the design with personalized Features- This is one of the steps that are so important to your DIY projects. At this point out need to use your creativity so that you can have what you desire to be included in your seat. Go for those good designs that will go hand in hand with the color you will customize with. Add some unique features with the seat so that people who use it can be comfortable that ever when gaming and the chair stand out to be the best.
  • Color customization- there is a need to keep your things in a unified design more, especially if the seat had faded out. With this, you will need to do some renovation on the worn-out parts. You can customize it with the color of your choice. The best paint should be chosen based on the materials that made the chair. With fabric materials, you can choose some fabric spray paints or even vinyl paints that will make it useful.
  • Making your own gaming chairs is something that you need to think about. However, before you begin transforming your old car and other materials in making the chair, you need to know there are some pros and cons you will face in the process


  • You will get an ideal gaming chair that you will sit on
  • With your creativity, you are making a gaming chair with added features hence making it perfect.
  • If it happens you are an expert in DIY you will enjoy the whole process
  • You are able to modify any design to have what exactly you need


  • You might spend some additional money on modifying the craps you bought in order to have the best seat.
  • DIY is so great, but it requires on to spend some extreme time in making what he needs. If you are busy or your time is held with what you do, you can’t DIY your seat.
  • Some car seats are heavy and making the final gaming chair might be heavier hence cannot be moved to any place
  • It requires some extra energy in cutting and also drilling the holes in the seat.


  1. How is a good DIY GAMING Chair?

The DIY gaming chair is good enough, depending on the need you want your seat to have. A good own made seat has got more features that are not in other seats. However, this depends on the creativity you employed when making it.

  1. How does a DIY gaming chair work?

The working mechanism for this seat is so simple, just like other seats. The way other chair works is also how it works, but it is more comfortable as you watch your screens while doing your consoles. The comfortability of it is what makes it special and ideal for all gamers. The usefulness of it also depends on how it was designed.

  1. Can it use the seat in office work?

Yes, the seat can be used in office more, especially if you are dealing with computer-based tasks.

  1. How expensive is the DIY Gaming Chair?

The cost of the seat always depends on what you have. If you buy the scrap from the seat up to the boards you will use in making the base, it might be more than when you have all the materials. So it is not easy to estimate the cost, but it is based on the materials that one has.

  1. Is there any problem if I make my one seat instead of using a car seat?

There will be no problem, but it all depends on your needs. If at all you can make what seems to be more comfortable with you as a gamer, you can go ahead, but when using car seats, I am sure it will be more comfortable.
Making a DIY gaming chair using a car seat can be a project to remember for those gamers who have done it. The steps of making it beginning from the scrap car seat, making a stable base up to customizing your color are so great. The main purpose of this is to have a custom made gaming chair that is comfortable for you as you do your gaming. By using professional help and ideals, you will have the best seat. By considering the cost of the gaming chairs that are available in the market and what you use, you will realize that it’s somehow cheap.