Negative Effects of Robots on The Economy

Robots are increasing day by day. With the increase, the threat to our economy increases day by day. Therefore, we are going to talk about “Negative Effects of Robots on The Economy“. Robots have both positive and negative aspects. While they are pretty useful to us. They can also have negative effects too. Therefore, it’s safe to say that robotics is a double-edged sword for humanity.

For a long time now, robots have been with us. For now, there’s not an economic threat that robots have posed. But who knows what will happen in the future. There can be a lot of scenarios where robots might destroy our economy including us. Therefore, we are going to talk all about these scenarios in our topic today.

There are a lot of things in our minds. Can robots destroy us? Moreover, will robots be able to take over our industry? These are questions which we can’t say for sure. It solely depends on how things turn out to be. Therefore, let’s talk about what the economy is. How much it revolves around us and what are the factors that lead to a bad economy.

What is the Economy?

The Economy is like an indicator of a country. It tells whether the country is growing or whether it’s going downhill. With just a graph we can see how much the economy is important for the country.
Taking a glance at the graph, we can easily tell how much a country has improved. It’s a discriminator between different countries. Therefore, we can say that with the help of the economical graphs we can rank different countries. But rank on what basis? Rank on economical growth.

The economy indicates the production of goods, trade, and services in a certain country. This is all indicated keeping in view the geographical area of that country.

So why is it important for a country and what do robots have to do with robots. Robots, whether it’s the negative or positive impact is altering businesses positively or negatively. There is no denying that with great power comes greater responsibility. So robots are altering our industry with good or bad. So let’s talk about both in our topic today.

Robots on Economy

Robots and Economy

For thousands of years, technology has been playing an active role in making things easier and efficient for us. From simple machines to these robotics humanoids, there are just a whole ton of examples. Companies and industries are giving more and more chances to use robots in business. Robots have a good or bad impact on the economy.

These robots work alone with humans as companions or they can simply replace them too. An active example is Amazon. They are using various robots to keep stocks in their inventory. They even receive and pack items using robots too. Furthermore, Tesla uses robots to make their fully autonomous cars. It’s just that robots are forcing themselves into our industry. There are also scenarios where robots are used in therapy sessions for autistic children or some mentally unstable children. While some people debate that robots can uplevel our economy. It’s not wrong to say that they can also destroy it.

There are instances in science fiction where we see robots destroying us. But how about the economy? Negative Effects of robots on our economy can be fatal and destructive. Far more destructive than anything. I’m not here to scare you. Just telling the truth. If we won’t be careful about how we integrate robots into our industries, we could end up with results far too scary than they might look.
Robots might end up our economy once and for all. This is the type of threat they pose to us. Therefore, we have to be careful in every step of putting robots into the industries. The impact of robots on the economy might be scarier than we think it is. Now let’s deeply example how exactly can it alter the normal working of our economy. These robotics effects on the economy should be deeply cared about.

Stock Market

Stock market.

We live in a Capitalist society. Our society is all around the stock market. This is because companies can freely trade stocks. But when the stock market will fall. Our economy will be affected deeply. You might remember the 2008 economic crisis that happened. When the stock market rises, our economy rises as well.

This whole system is based around investors. Without investors, there is no stock market. With no stock market, there is no economy. Therefore, investors are the key to our economy. Now, for a second imagine that these investors are replaced by automated robots. Investors are being replaced by automated algorithms. This is an alarming situation.

More Resources for cheap

Robots on Economy
More resources, less work?

So far Robotics and Economy have been our topic. We know that robots are making everything quick and cheap for us. Which is good. But think again for a moment. If we get everything for cheap, what will happen? These technologies can disturb everything.
Imagine growing out all of your resources by yourself. It’s pretty cool to think about that. But to be honest, it will disturb all the economic systems of the world. No one will export or import these crops or even other products. All this will create pure chaos for the countries.
Therefore, this is another scenario where robots can destroy our economy.

Threat to Jobs

Robots on Economy
Threat to Our Jobs?

According to the world, this industrial revolution is the “4th Industrial Revolution” for our industry. The technologies that forced this revolution to happen are Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printers, Robots, BioTechnology, and many other inventions. There are many areas where robots can outshine humans.

By 2020, it’s predicted that more than 5 million jobs will be stolen by robots. This poses a huge robotic threat to the economy. But if we take a look at the time now, many jobs have already been stolen. Manual labors and other simple tasks are mostly done by robots and machines. But what if these robots will move towards real jobs. It will be a huge mess for us.
On the bright side, along with taking the jobs, robots in our industry have also given us an opportunity by providing us many other jobs too. This is because with the replacement for humans they still need a human operator to operate the robot. However, with our pace robotics could destroy many other jobs till 2040.

It’s a big win for most companies as they will have to pay less to gain more. But the economy might be destroyed because of this addition to the industry. So there should be a standard set for the level of robots we can use today. This is because just for the sake of some money and time saving, we do not have to permanently destroy our world along with the economy.

More advances in AI and Robotics can be proven pretty fatal to our jobs. But while taking jobs, we are getting jobs back too. So it’s recommended for workers to find their passion for robotics rather than wasting life on useless stuff.

Replacing Drivers

Automated cars replacing drivers?

Moving over to self-driving cars. They will take away a driver’s job in the future. This is because autonomous cars can move without any driver. Therefore, driverless cars will cause a whole lot of unemployment to infinite extents.

Imagine there’s suddenly a downfall for drivers. It will be tragic and pretty terrible for poor people. Some people only earn from driving cars. Their job will be gone. So what will they do? Who knows what will happen to them? Therefore, will good comes bad. We cannot say that using robots is always positive. Mass unemployment can be confusing and it can affect our economy pretty badly.

Living With Robots in 2020

Robots on Economy
Robots in 2019

All aspects of our human life are impacted by almost all the advances in science. It’s safe to say that science plays a vital role in the economy of our country. Therefore, we are living in a technologic era itself. Just think about it for a moment. Every day you wake up, what’s the find thing you do? Well for me, I check my smartphone out. This means that we are six feet under modern technology.
From using Facebook to Smart homes, it’s everywhere. We have many parts of our technological life. The field of science and advancements made in it has thoroughly changed our way of living. Therefore, we depend on technology now. we are so into the void of technology that we don’t even notice.

In those advancements come robots. It’s been a while since robots have been trying to get close to our lifestyle. The main focus of all big companies is uniting both worlds. Robots have been trying to get into our lives. Moreover, we’ve seen that robots are helping us in day to day life. They can still create some problems for us too. So let’s talk about the good and bad robots bring in for us.


Robots have more good effects than bad ones. Most recent developments have made robots more robust, intelligent to use and faster. They are even much affordable than they once were in the industry. There was a time when we used to think that only some eccentric millionaire can afford robots for his desires. But looking forward to this era. It’s completely changed.

Robots have become more useful and precise than human workers. This is because further advancements have been made since the inception of robots. Therefore, they can do their work with precision and speed. Robots can lift a large amount of weight on them which is impossible for human workers. Also, robots minimize the risk of putting humans into a hazardous environment.

It’s a win-win for both parties right? One of the main advantages of robots is that they can do repetitive work. This is something that human workers fail to do sometimes. Therefore, robots have set a consistent standard in the manufacturing industry that just makes them better than human workers. There are limitless uses of robots in the industry, but it’s just the productivity of various companies. How do they use these robots to increase their productivity and how will they take advantage of them.

Even in medical fields, robots are effectively playing an important role. Let’s talk about some of the most prominent fields.

1. Healthcare

Advancement in robots has given healthcare a whole new upgrade. Robots help in health care practices like surgery, therapy, psychology, and many other activities. Therefore, robots in healthcare open a whole new domain of helpfulness.
Also, robots in healthcare are not supposed to replace humans but rather they are there to help to assist in various techniques. There is the Da Vinci Surgery System too. It helps the surgeon in assisting the surgery. There are many delicate moments in surgery. Therefore, this system helps the surgeon to perform his work with ease and precision.
It allows the surgeon to perform a lot of surgeries. Such as cardiac, gynecologic surgery, head surgery, collateral surgery. This list continues forever.

Moreover, people with spinal cord injury. They lose their abilities to walk or even stand. In that regard, exoskeletons are used to assist them in the walk or even lifting objects. Robots can even help nurses in hospitals to lift patients who are unable to lift themselves.
Therefore, robots are helping a lot in the healthcare and medical sector.

2. Military

Another industry where robots are actively being used is the Military. Robotics is applied to various areas in the Military. One example is drones. These drones are fully unmanned. Therefore, they are used in many cases such as spying and support operations. Drones help a lot on battlefields.

Military drones can fly over the war and battles. Moreover, in hostage situations, they can be used to locate hostages without having to put men in danger. They can access different disaster levels and work accordingly. This is why robots are so important in our world today. These drones can revolutionize the whole military. Therefore the will be even more advanced in the future.
This is because, with the use of drones, it’s easy to access different levels of hazards. You won’t have to put humans into risk this way.

3. Manufacturing

This is the part where robots outshine most. Robots are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry day by day. This is because with the use of robots it’s easy to improve productivity and efficiency to make different products. Also, it’s pretty cost-friendly.
There are robots everywhere in the manufacturing industries even now. This is because they can produce many objects wit ease and precision. There’s no need to worry about the hourly wages of workers or stuff like that. Robots are just a one-time investment. Besides, robots are reprogrammable.

Therefore, they can do other tasks depending on programmability. From the smartphone industry to the automobile industry, robots are outshining everything. The value of robots is becoming more and more. As time passes, things change everything.
The biggest pro of having robots is that they are safe. They are easy to use and operate. These robots can be used for collaborative work. So it’s a plus point for all parties in this regard. That is the reason why companies are constantly bringing in and promoting robots in the industries. Moreover, at some point, the effect of robots on the economy is positive.

4. Agriculture

A lot of people don’t know about this industry. Agriculture is the origin of our food. Therefore, to increase production with low costs. Scientists have been developing techniques for robotic technology to use in agriculture.

All this effort did bring fruit though. Farmers have been using tractors and other machinery that is self-guided with the use of GPS. Therefore, there has been a big rise in experimenting recently. Robotic Autonomous systems can operate mowing, spraying, and weed removal from the crops.
Also, sensor technology is used for managing pests and avoiding different diseases that might destroy the crops.

5. Food Industry

Everyone gets excited once we talk about food. Yes! Robots are playing an active part in making different food. These technologies will be available in our industry and kitchen soon. Automated Intelligent Robots can prepare food themselves. In California, there’s a robot who can flip patties and prepare the burger.

In the future, there will be a huge step up in the food industry. Robots will be intelligent enough to make their food with recipes. The customizability and productivity that robots provide us is uncanny. Therefore, in the future, we’ll see consumer-friendly robots ready to use for personal needs.

With all this in mind, let’s talk about the disadvantages that robots put us through.


Despite the lavish lifestyle robots provide us. There are still disadvantages to them. Many people think that there are no disadvantages to robots. However, there are some negative impacts they assert towards us in daily life. Too many robots in our daily lives can become a threat to the national level.

Robots cannot respond as humans do. On the other hand, the robots are really expensive. Now, they are expensive as a one-time cost. But after that, they will pay you back in no time. There can be an economic crisis in the future. This will harm the global economy. There are some negative effects of robots on the economy.

Moreover, if a robot malfunctions, it can cause chaos. Therefore, if humans become fully dependent on robots, it can harm us. So we should not be fully dependent on robots. One of the biggest disadvantage that robotics bring for us is unemployment to society. But unemployment itself isn’t that big of an issue. The main issue is what will happen after unemployment?
There’s a bright chance that crimes will increase. Violence will prevail. Only despair awaits us. This will make us go into poverty and other crisis. Many problems will arise on the surface. The effects of robots on the economy can be either way. Negative or positive.
As of now robots that are replacing human tasks still need a human operator.  This is because this technology itself isn’t that perfect. These are some of the problems that can arise to us.

Some people might lose their jobs because of robots. We will get into a void of robotic technology and depend on it. There will be a huge increase in lazy people. This whole scenario is just too terrifying for us.
Now let’s move towards our conclusion and final words of today.

Final Thoughts

With good comes bad. It is only natural for the balance of the universe. Our world works stably. If one thing is good then others might be bad. This is called the balance of the universe. Therefore, the impact of robots on the economy can be fatal for us. But really, it will bring good to the economy too. So I think that this good and bad can cancel each other maybe. It’s pretty much possible. Robots themselves aren’t bad. It’s just that with great power comes greater responsibility. We just have to be careful in the ways we apply these robots to the industry.