Why You Should Use Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategies

In 2019, digital marketing is a force to reckon with. Its rapid growth, combined with its fresh new ideas keeps it on the minds of digital marketers around the world. We at toptechytips believe there is never enough to learn with digital marketing. Therefore, in today’s article, we will cover the premise of “video in digital marketing.”

Granted, it’s not difficult to cite reasons why video is such a famous avenue for digital marketing. Today, everyone prefers watching content. It’s faster, and all the information is fed to you. The ease of this format is quick and straightforward to digest. As a result, we have the chance to rest our eyes from the constant task of reading text online.

Consequently, this is why there are an estimated 1 billion hours of youtube video views per day in 2019. Surprisingly, it’s not hard to believe. Everyone consumes video content, most even prefer it over any other method of content consumption.

For individuals that are compelled to begin digital marketing careers, there should be a fundamental understanding of video in digital marketing. When you can harness the full power of this tool, you will definitely find success above your peers.
Also, having video content is not just a necessity to get ahead. Instead, you should know how to incorporate videos into your general content to remain within the competition.

In this article, we have some of the highly researched and recommended practices for digital marketers to engage their audience with video. Furthermore, we will highlight the most critical points that are relevant to your marketing strategy.

Why Video holds so much importance?

Video is an extremely versatile and dynamic form of content creation. It holds an advantage other avenues don’t. That is an accurate, vivid picture of what the creator wants to convey to you.

With video, you can also ensure that your content has a higher chance for people to click it. Why? People love colors and images. Therefore, even your thumbnail could be the deciding factor of who clicks.

Video is obviously easy to digest form of entertainment that keeps viewers engaged and informed. Your message is relatively easy to convey without having to sacrifice any aspects of your vision for your content.

For marketers, video is great because it holds a high potential for a reasonable ROI as you can share it through numerous channels.
Additionally, video is extremely accessible as it just requires internet access to view them in 2019. This also expands to the production side of things with the new innovations over the last few years. Although it is important to note that higher quality and professional videos are much more favorable to an audience, there is still a chance for everyone as you could easily use your device to create videos in under an hour.

Types of Video Marketing

Many kinds of videos are out there today. That is quite difficult to justify categorizing this broad avenue for production. However, there are still very distinct sets of videos that need to be differentiated. Also, to create a great content marketing strategy, you should know the different forms of video in digital marketing.

When you are creating a content marketing strategy, you should have a strong understanding of the purpose of your content. Therefore, you should discover this value and find a solid understanding of it before creating a video. This is known as the concept stage of production, and it applies to all content beyond video.
Therefore, make a rounded effort to create the type of video that correlates with your vision for your brand or website. In other words, relevant content that fits the purpose of your channel.

To get a better perspective, we have provided a solid breakdown of the different types of videos:

In digital marketing, there are videos called Explainers, these are videos that educate your audience about a product, and it also serves as pseudo-instructional video. Instructional videos and explainers can be combined when explaining how to use a new product you have never covered before.

With explainers and instructional videos, users could also benefit from customer service videos and activities. This is just one of an extensive range of applications with this video content format.

Furthermore, interviews are a great way to engage in conversations between two different parties. With discussions, you can join a guest that is relevant to your brand’s field or an influencer that has experience working with your brand.

For instance, when you are creating videos interviewing guest experts, you can capitalize on it beyond just its video format and upload it to different podcast platforms. Reusing this audio and marketing it as an interview on your podcast is a little-known way of fully utilizing your content.
video in digital marketing

Make use of influencers

Also, there are many demos and product reviews on the internet today, many of which are useful for a great purpose. This purpose is the use of brand ambassadors or influencers. Many of these influencers will gladly do these reviews in exchange for free products. However, a growing number now prefer monetary compensation instead.

In many industries, some individuals are hopeful of boosting their social following and increasing their popularity. Therefore, using these individuals for product placements is a great way to ensure this is successfully done. Also, they can be effectively used as free advertising.
Additionally, these individuals are great to figure out the usefulness and effectiveness of your product. The use of reviews from these marketers can help you increase the comments and engagement with your product. Therefore successfully growing its popularity. This is a great way to use useful market research.

Another great form of video content is Live Video. Live video is a great way to engage an audience quickly and effectively. Through social channels, starting a live video at the right time of the day can do wonders for your brand and marketing.

Video is a great way to educate an audience

A whopping 97% of digital marketers have agreed that videos help get customers to understand products. According to research by Hubspot. Therefore, modern-day marketers are abandoning an approach that emphasizes pitching. Instead, many are trying to avoid a wide variety of choices for a specific goal.

Today, many businesses and consumers are not necessarily sold to anymore. Instead, they are operating based on quick internet searches to discover products in their local vicinities. This has eliminated the need for pitches as people can easily access what they want.
As a result of this, digital marketers have changed their approach toward offers that show consumers the value of a service or product. Contrary to offering better discounts which have found little success recently. Videos are an excellent tool for this new approach as it provides a close and concise point-of-view to inspect and learn about a new service or product.

Video is a great way to encourage competitiveness

According to additional research from Hubspot, a substantial 81% of businesses today are using video as a natural form of marketing tactics.
It’s no surprise, video in digital marketing has remained a viable content strategy. They are a great way to get most types of messages to the world. Through explainer videos, practical examples, and concise explanations, videos are an excellent way to keep a good communication line with your audience.

With video, you can begin to educate people on all the big to little details concerning your product. Video has a unique storytelling basis that helps digital marketers to grab the attention of users quickly and precisely. Also, they will continuously remain entertained.
Illustrated and animated explainer videos are highly popular today. This is due to the joy that animations bring out from users. These simple formats make users feel comfortable receiving the information.
video in digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every significant aspect of digital marketing involves SEO. This is for a good reason, and it is the pillar that keeps all other digital marketing efforts useful and relevant. Without good SEO, many different strategies will be rendered useless.

As a result of this, according to extensive research by Cisco, over 80% of traffic will have video content by 2021.
With search engines, videos are highly favored. This is as a result of videos being associated with high-quality content. This is extremely true. Therefore, having videos on your web pages is a great way to convey relevant SEO. When your videos are well-optimized, there is a high chance of your content ranking much higher than usual. Therefore, make sure your videos have proper keywords in the meta description and tags. Also, ensure you have a stable and useful title for your video.


Beyond the fun aspect of Video, it’s a great way to remain in contact with your audience. Excellent communication is great for any business, and with video, there is a higher chance to receive engagement with your content.
For you to find success with this format, it is vital to have a better picture that encompasses more than just gaining profits or sales. Videos are a great way to personalize and share information that is valuable to individuals. Therefore, learn to adopt the right practices to see your audience grow.