Cross-Platform Monitoring Software OgyMogy Review

OgyMogy is undoubtedly the undisputed kind of cross-platform monitoring software, and you can say it a king without a crown. It empowers the user to monitor the cell phones of multiple OS such as Android, IOS, and blackberries and further on MAC and windows computer devices no matter it is laptops or desktops shape. 

The user –friendly interface gives it an edge on their competitive monitoring products for cell phones and computers and its dozens of features enable a user to do parenting to protect kids and teens from online dangers. 

Employee monitoring to improve the productivity of the business and also provide service to people in relationship to build a healthy relationship by getting updates about their presence to a particular area and their activities. Before moving further, let’s describe all of its powerful and efficient features. 

Cross-Platform Monitoring Software Features

OgyMogy cell phone and computer spy app have plenty of state of the art features that are capable of spying on the target devices within in no time and with various ways such as in real-time and other effective methods.

Spy on calls 

The user can record and listen to the calls using the secret call recorder of the android spy app. Furthermore, a user can save the recorded calls incoming or outgoing to the online dashboard. 

Phone bugging 

You can create multiple bugs that will hack the MIC of the target device with the MIC bug app to record and listen to the surround sounds and voices. Further, a user can use spyvidcam bug to hack the camera of the device front and back to view the surround visuals. The user can cut the camera of the phone to capture the images and photos with the camera bug app of the mobile phone spy app.


Live screen sharing 

If you want to listen to and record surround sounds and conversation in real-time, then you can use spy 360 live surround listening? The user can use spy 360 live camera streaming to view the surround visuals in real-time, and you can broadcast the live cell phone screen of the phone to the online dashboard with spy live screen sharing.

GPS location tracking 

You can track the target device pin-point location with GPS tracker of the phone tracker software. Even you can get the exact and current position of the cell phone and location history. 

Text messages spy 

Spy and read the sent and received text messages on the phone with the text messages spy of the cell phone monitoring app. 

Browsing History 

The user can view all the visited websites and bookmarked websites with browsing history of the phone tracking app. 

Remotely phone controller 

You can remotely control the target cell phone device and view the installed apps, block the text messages remotely, block the incoming calls of the strangers remotely and even you can block the internet on the phone. 

IM’s Social Media 

Monitor all the popular social media apps running on the target cell phone with IM’s social media of the cell phone spy app. The user will get IM’s logs, IM’s conversation, shared media such as photos and videos and last but the least all sent or received Voice messages.

Cross-platform monitoring software features for MAC 

It has the number of features that enable a user to block the unwanted websites running on the target MAC computer with MAC surveillance app. A user can use screen recording to know the activities happen on the MAC device screen to the fullest. You can listen to the surround voices on your target MAC machine with MIC bugging and get to know who is up to the device with the camera bug app of the MAC tracking software. However, a user can use screenshots to capture screenshots, a keylogger to get all the applied keystrokes and use Sync settings to on and off the MAC spy app features with the single click.

Cross-platform monitoring software Features for windows 

Similarly, it has also got the powerful monitoring features for window computer machines. You can use website blocking to block websites, capture on-demand screenshots, fix mighty alarms on the activities you want to stay updated about and real-time monitoring to get to know about all the events happen on the device in real-time. 


Cross-platform monitoring software OgyMogy is the ultimate and state of the art spy app for digital parenting, employee monitoring and to stay updated partners or spouse activities to the fullest.