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The 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers

As a writer, I care a lot about themes. There are countless WordPress themes for writers. However, which one’s are the best to choose from? WordPress is a great platform as it has fixed most of the customization problems. Hence, we are going to talk about “The 15 Best Free WordPress themes for writers“. Top Free 15 WordPress Themes for Writers This list incorporates some of the best WordPress themes for writers that I find

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best gaming chair

Top 6: What Is The Best Gaming Chair In 2020?

Choosing a good gaming chair is nothing simple. When you’ve created your excellent PC build, and you’re ready to relax finally, you need a chair worthy of your relaxation. This is where a gaming chair comes in. However, many gaming chairs in circulation today are not exactly ideal for some body types. So, choosing this vital peripheral is definitely a challenge. It is not something worth ignoring because of the importance of your health, safety,

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Disabled Veterans Assistance Through Smart Gadgets and Technology

For anyone that has experienced active duty, the transition back to regular life can be difficult. Unfortunately, this transition is worsened by disabilities that affect courageous veterans. Caring for a veteran in the process of transitioning back to regular life can be a full-time job in itself. Obviously, the goal is to jumpstart the process of finding independence for disabled veterans through assistance. Dealing with a new type of autonomy is no easy task. It

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The 10 Best Free One-Page Themes for WordPress

Today, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Free One Page WordPress themes. So what exactly is a One-Page WordPress website? Well, to make things simpler, if you do not have that much of content on your website, then you should make one page WordPress. One of the biggest significance of WordPress is that it has great one-page theme support and it’s great for making websites if you have a little amount of content

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Nintendo Switch Lite Hands On

Nintendo Switch Lite Hands On Review: Will You Make The Switch?

Since the initial release of the Nintendo Switch, we have seen many developments concerning the console. Is success has reached commendable levels, and it’s not hard to see why. Nintendo has really made its mark in modern-day gaming with this console. Upon considering their unconventional console games, they definitely have the keys to the kingdom of gaming. Today, we will be discussing the latest alternative approach to gaming from Nintendo with our Nintendo Switch Lite

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Battery of Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung Galaxy M30s Review: Is This Really It?

Samsung has officially brought back its M series of phones. These devices have a significant presence in the Indian market, and for good reasons. The previous Galaxy M20 has a popularity that has made it a precious budget device. It served as a response to the aggressively priced devices from Xiaomi that aimed to claim a large percentage of the Indian smartphone market. So, what makes Samsung’s new M30s worth purchasing? Well, stick around and

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WordPress Business themes

The 15 Best Free Business & Corporate WordPress Themes

Interested in making an online business website? Or perhaps you already have a business and you want to make a website? This article compiles the “15 Best Business WordPress themes”. If you’re a business, your online presence matters the most. It’s just something that you can’t and you should not ignore it. Whether you’ve just started a business or you are trying to start it, websites can become a source of marketing and customers for

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best laptop for design students

Best Laptop For Graphics Design Students Under $1500

For every business in 2019, the digital age demands you have a graphic designer. This field is excellent for many useful applications. A graphic designer will definitely find work with any type of business these days. Because of its versatility, people are excited for graphic designers and wish to join the popularity of the field. As a result, we have many design students today. It’s a no brainer that these new prospectives would want the

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Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review

The Ultimate Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review

5G phones might not yet be ready for a mainstream worldwide audience, but don’t bother about that. Today, we are talking about a device that is exceptionally great at an affordable price. Its an excellent bang for your buck while being cheaper than phones like the iPhone 11, Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Even these devices don’t have 5G coverage. So, until you get your 5G for rocket-fast speeds, you’ll

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Building WordPress Websites That Better Respect User Privacy

As technology continues to rise, security concerns are rising too. Privacy is considered one of the main aspects of being online. This is because many services sell your data. Even Facebook failed to fend off the user data breach lawsuit. Therefore, security and WordPress privacy is one of the biggest concerns of our modern-day society. However, the world seems to be confused, even to this date. Hence, it’s important to make websites that respect user’s

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The 10 Best Free Magazine &News WordPress Themes

Looking for best Magazine or News WordPress themes? Well, the toptechytips team has got you covered. Opening an online News and Magazine business is exciting. Moreover, it’s a crazy ride if you ask me. Therefore, you should understand that there will be thousands of people viewing your website. These websites will not only be viewed from a desktop but mobile phones and tablets too. Hence, the theme you choose should be cross-device friendly too. The

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The 20 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives

Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to own a beautiful portfolio site. Or you’re an artist who wants to showcase his skills exquisitely. WordPress has got you covered. Here are the “20 Best Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Creatives“. The main significance of WordPress is its flexibility. Therefore, there are just thousands of themes to choose from. Moreover, you can make websites with zero knowledge about coding. However, you will still need to know about

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Realme 5 Pro

The Definitive Realme 5 Pro Hands-on Review

Realme is a brand that has a name for itself in creating budget smartphones. In 2019, they’ve attempted to go the extra mile with a pseudo-budget-premium device. How? With the Realme 5 Pro. This device is one that serves as a successor to the famous and recent Realme 3 Pro. It improves on the things that made that device great and add substantial features deserving of its name. Even regardless of the number skip. It

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Asus ROG Phone 2

Asus ROG Phone 2 Reviews | Most Powerful Smartphone in The World

We get a lot of news about processors and great specs that new devices provide. Newer devices are getting powerful. But today, we are taking a somewhat different route than usual. Let’s talk about the “Most Powerful Smartphone in The World“. We are going to be talking about the “Asus ROG Phone 2“. Overview of the Asus ROG Phone 2 Asus ROG is just like any other smartphones made today. The device has an aluminum

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Fold Review

A foldable phone or a foldable wallet? If you have to ask yourself this question, then it’s a wise decision to digest a review before making any choices. You’ve heard of it, the whole world has. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a phone that got the world’s attention with its announcement in February of this year. With that announcement came a lot of hype and anticipation for its release. Today, we will provide a Samsung

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