Top 5 Solutions To Spy iPhone

We are going to break the biggest myth of the century! Has the iPhone been your toughest challenge when you needed to spy on your kids or your partner? Do you think breaking into an iOS device is impossible? Then, you are in the right place! 

You can gather all the data of your target’s device in a few steps. You need not be a tech person to break into your spying mode! You will be astounded to see how easily you can get all the messages and other activities from the best of our collection!

There are many scams waiting for you. So, we summed up a list of genuine apps for you! Begin your journey and explore to get your best option.

Part 1: How is it possible to spy on an iPhone?

ClickFree, our best iOS spy app offers you enormous features within. You can keep tabs on your target’s phone and activities. Messages, Call Logs, Call History, Contact Details Password and Usernames and, Location, you can get a hold of everything!

Here’s our first wondrous app, ClickFree.

1.1 What is ClickFree?

ClickFree is a spying app for the iPhone which extracts all the data for you in a very accessible and easy way. To get this app in action, you don’t even need to get into physical contact with the target device. 

ClickFree is used by more than a million users in the world and is appreciated worldwide. It has been featured and experienced a lot of positive reviews from many recognized platforms like PCMag, TechRadar, Forbes etc.

This app is known to be the most trusted one for spying an iPhone!

1.2 Features Of ClickFree

Here we present you with the things that make ClickFree stand out in the crowd:

No Jailbreak Required

The best on the list feature goes to this one. ClickFree gives you the best experience of spying as it doesn’t ask you to jailbreak on the target’s device. You need not touch the target’s device even once to begin spying on it!

Web-Based Interface

To use ClickFree, you do not have to install any app on either of the devices. You can spy through any web browser. This makes it the easiest app for spying.

Additional Features

ClickFree has all the features which cover every end of the phone. It has Keylogger, location tracker and social media tracker. With these, ClickFree offers call logs, call history and many other application tracking features. 

1.3 Spying Without iPhone Access

In order to spy on an iOS device, you need ClickFree at your rescue! It can get you all the data remotely without even touching the device once. There is no need to have physical contact with the target’s device.

All the data extracted by ClickFree is synced with iCloud of the target’s device. So for successful and smooth spying, you need to get iCloud credentials.

Part 2: Spyic


Spyic needs 0% technical knowledge to work smoothly. So, if you are stuck because of the thought that you might fail to spy the, this is your perfect opportunity! Monitoring all the activities from the target device can be done easily through Spyic.

This spyware has it all and it is not only easy to use but it is very well designed and convenient. To monitor smoothly and break into the target’s device, you need to get a hold of iCloud credentials. If you think this is your best shot, then check out the free demo.

Part 3: Spyier

Feel like hovering over your partner’s phone to check the messages he’s been exchanging? Is it getting inconvenient for you? 


Then, we have found your perfect match. Spyier is the most used app among millions for keeping tabs on messages and other activities. You can access all the data remotely from the dashboard of the app on any browser.

Spyier has many other features like Location Tracking and other activities. Spyier helps you spy on the target device most sneakily. So, it makes you spy without being caught.

Part 4: Minspy 

Minspy is the most qualified app when it comes to spying! It has got you covered with each and every need. You don’t have to jailbreak to spy on the target. Minspy makes it easy; you do not need to touch the target’s device even once.

Be it messages or location tracking, social media apps or call logs, Minspy got your back! Minspy also supports keylogger and gets you all the usernames and passwords. 

Remote access and hideous qualities makes it easy for you to spy.

Part 5: Spyine

Make your spying experience hassle-free. All you need to do is, enter Spyine will handle the iCloud credentials and rest

It gets you almost everything on the device like call logs, call history, media files, and location. Spyine is possible to use.

Setting up Spyine on the target device and your dashboard is not so big a task. It is easy to use and convenient to track almost all the activities on the target’s device.


Here we listed out the best existing apps in the spying industry. Choose the one that suits you the most. All the above-mentioned apps have the best features to support easy spying. These apps will make your experience incomparable.

Beware of the scams in the market and don’t be fooled by the fraudulent apps and promises. It’s time for you to get into your spying mode to save your loved ones from any hurdle in their way.

There’s a chance that your gut instinct about your loved one could be wrong and they might be in some trouble! So, it’s time to get in action!