Watch Live Sports using Kodi sports Addons and Best Free VPN for Torrenting

Kodi is an open-source platform that enables users to view their favorite sports content online without limitations. This is made possible through appropriate add-ons, which will ensure that you get access to live sports streaming from across the globe and sports TV channels of different countries. We will discuss the top Kodi add-ons further

Best live sports add-ons for Kodi

1. NetStream Sports Hub

This is another release from the Stream Army repo, which had always been known for its Best sports Kodiaddons. NetStream Sports Hub ensures access to all sports in one place. You can find a categorized listing of sporting events, including soccer, football, cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis, wrestling, athletics, and more.

2. Atom Reborn

If you want to gain access to a huge quantity of sporting events, then you will be amazed to see the collection in the Atom Reborn library. Along with sports, you can see the latest movie releases, TV shows, music, kids’ channels, and documentaries. This is an updated version of the previously known Atom add-on, which got banned once.

3. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is also a recommendable addon for Kodi for the sports viewers. Previously, this was recommended only for those who use Kodi on Firestick TV. However, the developers of SportsDevil had done all bug fixes and patches over time, and it can now smoothly run over other devices, also like Android TV.

4. Pro Sport

If you do not want to see a lot of complicated menus and listings, then Pro Sport usage is recommended. There are many user-friendly sections on it, making it so comfortable and easier for the sporting enthusiasts. There are also many archives for the replays if you miss any crucial games or major sporting event live streaming.

5. USTVnow

In case you’re a US citizen living abroad, you have an affordable way to watch plenty of TV channels to ease up your nostalgia. USTVnow allows you to access up to 23 channels and this lineup includes ABC, CBS, FOX, in addition to USA Network, FX, National Geographic, and more. As you can see, a small but solid selection of sports channels awaits – so you can watch live games anywhere in the world.

Finally, we’d like to note that USTVnow comes with a free tier as well, which includes five TV channels: ABC, CBS, CW, PBS, and My Network TV. This could be a good way to test-drive the streaming service before you commit.

6. iPlayer WWW

The iPlayer WWW addon grants you access to BBC’s iPlayer. If you’re residing in the UK, we are sure you’ve used BBC’s video player many times before. This is an incredible source of video content where you can find news, movies, TV shows, live sports, radio stations, and plenty more. And the best thing is – all of this is available on Kodi as well.

Since we’re talking about live sports Kodi addons, we shouldn’t forget this side of the iPlayer WWW. In general, BBC broadcasts sports events from the UK. However, you can also find international sports events like the NFL Super Bowl. Aside from watching live content (from over 30 BBC-owned channels), there’s a nice selection of sports replays, regularly updated and always available.

7. Red Bull TV

And now something for the fans of adrenaline-filled sports. We are sure that many of you are already watching Red Bull TV over the Web. In fact, this TV network has an incredibly capable website that hosts on-demand content as well – and it’s available anywhere in the world. However, you can also integrate Red Bull TV with Kodi.

The Red Bull TV is an official Kodi addon, which means that it comes with a simple installation method. Once installed, you can use this addon to browse the catalog of on-demand videos, as well as to stay on top of the latest events. Pretty much everything is covered, and the addon streams media files effortlessly.

8. NBC Sports Live Extra

As you already know, NBC Sports is one of the most popular TV channels when it comes to watching football, soccer, golf, tennis, and plenty more. This TV network has a number of exclusive broadcasting contracts, meaning that the majority of sports fans will be more than happy to access this TV channel over the Web (and via Kodi, as well).

We have to say that NBC Sports Live Extra is one of the most polished live sports Kodi addons, as it’s been available for a long time now. It works without any issues, comes with plenty of content, allows you to live-stream various events and watch replays, and plenty more. You’ll definitely want to try it out.

9. ESPN Player

ESPN certainly needs no introduction. This is perhaps the most popular group of sports channels in the USA, so it’s not surprising to see its influence spread across the world. With this said, ESPN Player is an OTT service available outside the USA and Canada. It’s created for ESPN fans from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and select countries in Asia.

By installing the ESPN Player addon, you get access to a whole slate of TV channels such as ACCN ESPN, ESPN U, SEC Network, and more. You’ll get to watch basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and – football, of course. The addon works without any problems, and this OTT service comes at an affordable price.

Top torrenting VPNs in 2020

best free VPN for torrenting

If you want to stay secure while accessing the P2P torrenting content, then it is advisable to use the best free VPN for torrenting, which will help protect your privacy and ensure your safety. P2P sharing is a fantastic tool to share larger files without the need for any expensive hosting services or massive bandwidth.

Here are the top torrenting VPNs:

CyberGhost: It offers specialized P2P torrenting protection. The VPN is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, etc. With an impressive 7100 servers across 110 locations, the providers ensure zero logs and optimum privacy. You can connect up to 7 simultaneous devices. Along with free, you may opt for the $2.75 per month subscription also for better features.

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Private Internet Access: Offering a fine balance between performance and safety, there are both free trial and paid options available for this VPN. This also offers a zero-log policy and allows 10 simultaneous connections. The VPN ideally works for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS. They have 3300 servers at 65 locations.

Some other Kodi sporting add-ons to try out are iPlayer WWW, Goodfellas 2.0, FilmOn Simple, cCloud-TV, NBC Sports Live Extra, Rising Tides, etc.