Top 5 Website Development Features Every Project Should Include

A website is more than just a collection of static pages. It’s a platform for your business and needs to be built with the right features to function effectively. If you’re new to website development or just starting, here are the five features you should include in every project: an easy-to-use website builder, a theme system, a blog, eCommerce capabilities, and a contact form. By having these features in your projects, you’ll make your website development process more accessible and your website more functional. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1. Website Title/Tagline and Website Navigation

A website’s title and tagline are essential elements of your website. They should be catchy and reflect the overall message of your website.

Your website’s title should be short, catchy, and concise. It should also reflect the focus of your website. For example, if you have a website about pet care, your website’s title should reflect this. Your tagline should be longer and reflect your website’s overall purpose. It should also be catchy and reflect the focus of your website.

Website Navigation

Website navigation is an essential part of any website. It should be easy to navigate and help visitors find the information or products they seek.

Your website’s navigation should include a home page, main menu, search bar, and content pages. Your home page should have a logo, an About Us section, contact information, and a blogroll. Your main menu should include the following areas: Home, Services, Blog, Testimonials, and Videos. Your search bar should include the following options: Website Title, Keyword, and Services. Your content pages should include the following sections: About Us, Services, Blog, Testimonials, and Videos.

2. Website Logo and Color Scheme

Your website should have a clear and consistent brand image, starting with the logo and color scheme. A website’s logo should be simple, legible, and easily identifiable. The logo should also be designed to be easily modified or changed should your company develop or change its branding.

Your website’s color scheme should be similar to your company’s branding. If your company is blue, your website’s color scheme should also be blue. This will help create a consistent brand image and help your customers quickly identify your website.

Website development projects should also include features that make your website easy to use. Your website’s design should be user-friendly, and all of the content on your website should be easily navigable. Your website should also be responsive so it looks good on all devices.

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3. Site Navigation

One of the most crucial elements a website should have is website navigation. It should be easy for the visitor to find the information or products they are looking for.

There are several methods for doing this. One way is to use search engines to help people find what they want. If you have a blog, make sure the blog posts are easily searchable. 

If you have an eCommerce site, make sure the menus are easily navigable and the products are organized in an easy-to-find way.

Using the site navigation menus is another way to accomplish this. This is where you include a list of links at the top of the page that lead to different pages on your site.

You can utilize a few different kinds of menus. You can use a drop-down menu or a menu bar. You can also use a menu that is embedded in the page.

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4. Site Structure

A well-structured website will ensure your site is easily navigable by your visitors. This is especially important if you’re targeting a global audience.

  • Your site must be easy to find.
  • Your site must be easy to navigate.
  • Your site must be easy to use 
  • Your site must be easy to find and navigate.

5. Online Forms and Database Integration

Website development projects should always include features like online forms and database integration to make it easier for your customers to complete transactions and access information.

Online forms make it easy for customers to complete transactions without leaving your site. This eliminates the need to send customers to a separate page, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Database integration makes it easy to access customer information, including contact information, billing information, and product information. Customers will locate what they’re seeking more efficiently, and you will find it simpler to manage customer information.

Make sure to include these features in your website development project to make it easier for your customers and make your project more efficient.


We hope you liked reading about the top five website development characteristics that every project needs to have in our blog post. Website development is an integral part of any business, and the right features will help you make your website work better for your clients and customers. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a website that your clients will love!