Top Trending Products On Amazon

Amazon is without a doubt, the biggest marketplace on the whole planets. They sell everything from a simple Candy to Big Gaming Rigs. So first of all, let’s talk about what is a trend? A trend is like fashion. Fashion is something that everyone will wear the same sort. Therefore, trending is something that is being used by a large number of people. What about trending products on Amazon?
If you want to sell trending products on Amazon, fear no more. Let me continue the article. One of the biggest issues that a seller has, is to look for trending products to sell. Today, we are going to be talking about the products that are in trend right now at Amazon. I will decide this list in different categories. But first of all, let’s talk about what are the common features of different products that are in trend.

Common Features of Trending Products

Many products at Amazon, there is a reason that they are trending. So, let’s talk about what is it that makes different products trend in Amazon right now.

#1. Price

When we try to buy a product online. We, first of all, look at the price. If the price is low, more people are going to buy it without a doubt. This is the type of concept is in people’s brains. That’s how people often order products.
The products on Amazon are often very cheap and affordable. That is the sole reason why people like buying from Amazon. The reputation itself of amazon is because they sell products at a very affordable cost. So, people are not going to get scammed. It’s pretty reliable and trustworthy. The whole platform provides you a very affordable and it gives a really positive experience overall. Price is one factor why all trending products are the same

#2. Unique

One of the main keys to be in Trend is uniqueness. Most “Eye Catching” products are ranked into the unique zone. This increases the attractiveness of that certain product. With uniqueness comes unique prices too. So these products are often highly-priced.
But due to the uniqueness itself, people buy them a lot. So it’s a great way to sell a product if it’s unique. You can showcase products like these at your store on Amazon.

#3. Rarity

Rarity is another factor for the trendsetting of different products. When a product is unique, it gets sell so much that it’s very hard to come by. This is a very difficult task for the seller to actually manage unique products. The demand for them is pretty high. So it’s very hard to actually sell a product which is rare.

#4. Not made in your Country

This is a pretty nice strategy to make products sell a lot. Most of the time, unique products are not made within a certain country. This increases the demand for that product. Therefore, due to the high demand, people cause an uproar and begin to order stuff.
As good as the strategy might be, it’s very hard to make people actually realize all this and have things to sell.

#5 Big Orders

All products that are in trending are of course in big orders. That is because people look for products like these a lot. This increases the actual demand and then the seller makes a huge stock of those products in his store. That’s why these products are in a big order.
Therefore, when you look at the trending tab, you’ll only see products with large amounts of orders.
Without further redo, let’s move forward to the best selling products on amazon and my review about them.

Technology Products

Now, technology products are the most popular on amazon. We are going to talk about individual products that are setting greatly on amazon. Now we are going to talk about some of the best sellers in technology products right now on amazon.

#1. Fire T.V Stick

Source: Amazon

Number one product on Amazon on the technology side right now is the Fire T.V stick. But what makes it so worth selling? It has over 28000 ratings on Amazon. Fire TV Stick has 4.5 ratings from people and reviews are the most popular. This is one of the good signs that a product is actually selling pretty well. Now, let’s talk about the reasons why it is so popular and best in its game.

Fire T.V stick is the number one selling streaming product. But the good thing about it is that it has built it, Amazon Alexa. Literally, it is so cool. It can be turned on and be controlled all with the power of Amazon Alexa. Fire TV contains all the popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, IMDB. It also has storage for games and other media. You also have full access to visiting websites like Facebook and others. It works without cable or satellite. If you buy the amazon prime membership, it will be an even better experience for you.
Moreover, you have full control over Alexa, meaning you can ask it literally anything. The main reason for it’s trending product on Amazon. The price is  $29.99. Literally, this is so cheap that almost anyone can buy it. Functionality and price range is the most obvious reason why it is the best selling at Amazon right now.

#2. Fire HD Tablet

Source: Amazon

This ten-inch tablet was made by amazon. It comes with a price tag of $100. In this price range, it’s really a really unique piece of tech. It has 1080p display with 2GB of ram. This is the sole reason why it’s so popular. Like, tablets in this price range and good specs are nowhere to be found in 2019. But, due to amazon, we are not suffering. Just for a $100 Dollars. It provides 10 hours of battery backup which is just mind-blowing.

The Tablet provides full Amazon Alexa Hands-free experience which is just so cool. Fire Tab has over 40,000 reviews which are just uncanny. But it makes sense that such a unique device in the low budget range, it’s obviously going to sell a whole lot. Amazon is just attracting people to buy their products which is quite successful. Hands down for their marketing strategy. This is the reason why it’s trending product on Amazon

#3. Acer SB220Q

Source: Amazon

Acer is known for making awesome technology products. From Laptops to LCDs, their production is just remarkable. This monitor, the ACER SB220Q is a 21.5 inch. What’s cool about it is the 75 Herts refresh rate. With the price tag of just $90 dollars, it is really a budget LCD. It can be used for gaming and games can utilize that 75hz monitor to look really good. Moreover, it’s 16 by 9 aspect ratio making it unique. The colors are vibrant and poppy.

Viewing angles on the LCD is just great. That is because of the awesome IPS panel on it. IPS panels, though not quite as good as OLED’s, can still produce a really quality experience for the user to enjoy. The LCD is ultra-thin and is great for productive use.
So why is this product in trending? You already know the reason, it’s a unique product for such a price range. 75 Hertz display couple with only 89 Dollars of payment, it’s a must recommended for the Gamers and Productive people.

#4. Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Source: Amazon

Being the 3rd one in trend. What makes Echo Dot so special? So it’s the 3rd generation of Amazon echo dot. It is a smart speaker with a really awesome fabric design on top. The size is pretty small and it can fit basically anywhere. So, Echo is controlled by Alexa. And with the power of Alexa, it becomes so smart that feels unreal.

The speaker quality itself has improved a whole lot compared to the second generation of echo dot. Alexa, using the power of Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter day by day. More people are buying Echo Dot as it contains Alexa and is actually cheaper. It costs only around $30 Dollars. How sweet is that? You don’t get a lot of products for $30 dollars nowadays. So, with all the latest technology and smart price, the demand for echo dots is so much. It has over 54000 reviews on Amazon. That’s the sole reason why it is trending and popular.

#5. Wyze SmartHome Camera

Source: Amazon

With the world getting smarter and smarter, it’s time for smart homes. This Wyza Camera provides a 1080p recording. It has two-way of recording and it fully supports Alexa and Google Assistant. It can detect a person and their faces with AI technology. The camera can stream directly to your smartphone with ease whether it’s IOS or Android.

Wyze records all the footage onto a memory card. You can say commands using Alexa or Google’s assistant to show live footage. So what makes it worth 9000+ views?
Obviously the price tag and a lot of features. 26 Dollars is the price of this bad boy. For a smart home deal, that’s super cheap. This is the reason why it’s trending.


Cameras are one thing that people are most crazy about. But, with the passage of time, the reputation of a camera has surely decreased. That is because, with advancements in technology, mobile phone cameras are becoming more and better every day. So people prefer to buy mobile phones more than just the camera. But, that doesn’t mean that cameras are useless now.
They are still being used by a lot of people. And for the camera enthusiasts, it is still is the source for taking images. Now let’s talk about the trending Amazon products when it comes to the camera side.

#1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Cam

Source: Amazon

Do you remember the cameras who will literally just print the pictures right out of them? The trend is back now. This camera is developed by Fujifilm. They are well known for making cameras. Instax Mini is available in a lot of colors. The design is really attractive. It has a selfie mirror providing a great result and closes up macro shots are awesome.

Now, the camera itself is really unique. Not many brands make cameras that prints the picture right out of them. So this product is actually really unique and a little weird if we take a look at it in 2019. But at the same time, it is actually really cool. It brings back that vintage life vibes with nostalgia.

The Camera has over 3000 reviews and it’s trending on Amazon. The reasons are because in addition to being a really unique product with great specifications. It’s not expensive at all. The price is $49 Dollars only.

#2. Akaso EK7000

Source: Amazon

With Go Pro hitting the market, it really enlightens its name. The camera is great for Vlogging or Parkour. But in addition to being good, the price that GoPro offers is just really absurd. The models are like more than $300 Dollars. Which kind of makes sense but why would people buy so expensive action cameras?

Akaso the company launched its own 4K Camera called EK7000. It is a 12 Megapixels wide-angle camcorder with a couple of cool features. The camera is actually 170 Degrees wide which makes it a pretty unique product. It has the ability to shoot 4k at 25 FPS which is great. It also comes with a remote by which you can capture photos and videos easily. 1050 mAh battery makes this camera to stay for a long time recording. The camera has built-in Wifi and HDMI so it’s pretty easy to actually share the videos.

It is certified to work almost 100 feet deep into the water which is absolutely stuff. Now comes the price. The only reason it’s very popular at amazon right now is actually the price. It comes with the price tag of just $59 Dollars. Compared to GoPro it is actually really cheap. This is also the only reason why it’s being sold so much. It has now over 9500 reviews on Amazon and I can already see it getting popular day by day.

#3. Victure Trail Game Camera

Source: Amazon

For the folks who love to hunt or enjoy wildlife out there, this camera is the champ. Campers while hunting, love to keep memories with them. What can be a better memory than actually taking pictures and making videos? This product is a dream for every camper/hunter. The design itself looks to be pretty wild itself. Moreover, it has a 12 Megapixels camera capable of shooting really great images and videos. It has motion night vision activated too. The camera is certified for IP66 so there’s not much problem if you accidentally drop it into water or some liquid.

It can shoot three shots in the time span of 0.5 seconds. The user-friendly LCD on it is really cool. Quality of the lens is pretty high quality as it gets bright, sharp and detailed photos. It also has an infrared flash which makes it easier to capture nighttime shots.
Now, why is a product like this so popular? This is because, unlike other cameras, it only costs you like $44 Dollars on Amazon. The price tag itself is the main reason why it’s trending on Amazon.

Video Games

Video games have become a basic necessity for every kid or even teenagers too. I, my self play a lot of video games as they are pretty fun to play. On Amazon, they sell a lot of video game products and every day their sales rise more because of it. That’s just the truth.
Now we are going to be talking about some of the most trendy video game products that are available on Amazon right now.

#1. Nintendo Switch

Source: Amazon

The good old company that was just best in the game in its time had launched Nintendo switch for quite some time now. People loved the Nintendo DS. I played a lot of Pokemon games on it too. But what makes Switch so good that it’s being sold?
The first thing I am going to debate is the price. It is not cheap. The switch is actually expensive. It comes with the price of $279 Dollars on amazon which is quite a lot for people. But still, it keeps selling. Just why?

The basic concept of Switch was that, in addition, to be played on your LCD screens, you can actually take it on the go. It has a great LCD touch screen panel and it works on battery. So it’s kind of like a hybrid of console and handheld video game product. It has joy-cons as the controller. Using joy-cons more players can play a game which is quite cool.

On Amazon, it has more than 7000 product reviews which makes it really popular. At first, everyone thought it was kind of a gimmick but if we take a look at it now. Moreover, the product itself is actually pretty cool to me. This is the reason why Nintendo took the world by storm by launching Nintendo Switch.

#2. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Source: Amazon

The question that comes in our mind first is, Just how? I am going to explain everything. Super Smash Bros has been an awesome Multiplayer game for video game players. The game was really popular in Nintendo 64’s era.
Now, they make a new one for Nintendo Switch too. As switch became more and more popular, smash bros itself was no exception actually. It has more than 2000+ reviews with a rating of 4.8 out of 5. This shows how people are loving this game more and more.

The sole Nostalgia keeps people to buy this product. It reminds us of our childhood and people love to go back to their childhood. They included the newest characters and gave an upgrade to the fighting mechanics. This game is just better than ever. In addition to fast combat, they added new moves and new items too. It comes for $46 Dollars. It a lot but the uniqueness of the game makes it be bought by a lot of people. This is the reason why it’s so popular nowadays.

#3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Source: Amazon

Why would a controller be a trending product on Amazon? There’s quite a reason for that. Now, you might know that Nintendo Switch comes with joy-cons. I despise joy-cons. They are just so tiny and unproductive. Like, how are you able to play titles like, Zelda or Super smash bros. with your friends with those tiny gimmicks?

So for a solution to that, Nintendo launched its switch pro. Which was a really good choice made by them. Joycons are cool if you’re playing it on the switch itself. But when we talk about playing it on the screen itself, they just feel like a gimmick.
Thankfully, Nintendo announced this product. It gives a golden experience to the user who is professional gamers. Throwing the joy-cons aside, this provides a full-fledge console experience. Which is quite cool for a reason. It has motion control and HD Rumble which is just perfect for the price tag.

The controller has 4.7 out of 5 ratings. With over 3000 reviews. The product itself is really unique and that’s the reason why it actually sells a lot. It comes with the price tag of $57 Dollars which is worth every penny.


We have seen a lot of products today. But what is common in between them? It’s the unique couple with a good price range. Now I know most of the products that were on top were made by Amazon themselves but it’s actually the people who buy them. The reason for that is because they make awesome products for low money. Not because it’s their own website and they are scamming sellers by not giving them the trending.

Therefore, if you want to open your shop at Amazon. You should by now know what kind of products are trending on the Amazon. Mostly technology but there are of course other products too. The key to your product being sold as a trending product on Amazon is to choose a really unique product. With uniqueness, there should be a budget-friendly environment. This will ultimately make you a good seller with a positive rating. Therefore, your sales will reach sky high at some point in your career. Moreover, this is the key to become a trending seller at Amazon.