Travelpayouts Affiliate Network Reviews | Start Earning WIth Travel Affiliate

Travelpayouts is the largest pay-per-action travel affiliate network and unites over 60 advertisers from various niches and affiliates. Advertisers broaden their audience with the help of affiliates who receive a commission on each sale made through their link.
After joining the network, you can join one or more programs that interest you the most and introduce the corresponding products to your audience. Affiliates are also provided with all the necessary tools (including White Label and API) to promote brands and also have access to a blog with dedicated tutorials and posts, regular webinars, competitions, and meet-ups to network with advertisers and other affiliates.

Who Can Join Travelpayouts?

Most affiliates at Travelpayouts are travel bloggers, agents, and influencers, but you can start from scratch. All you need to join the network is a webpage to place affiliate links and tools. This can be a website, a personal blog, a mobile application, a social media profile, etc. You can also create a mobile search engine application with Travelpayouts SDK (for both iOS and Android).

What is Travel Affiliate –

This is a commission-based affiliate program after confirming any booking like hotel rooms or flight tickets. If someone books many hotel rooms that affiliate links you share on your website or blog, you will get a percentage of the total amount after completing the payment. To get this contribution, you can join Travelpayout, Booking, TripAdvisor , AirB&B, Skyscanner, Agoda, and so one. 
Adventure, world travel, backpacking, hotels, escape, exotic locations. These are really very powerful for your wheelhouse. So if you already included these words on your website, then your luck is with you. These words are really very generic on the internet. You are becoming more popular with affiliate marketing also.   

Overview of Travelpayouts Affiliate Network Commission Rates

This is a very simple & first system to earn a lot of money gradually.  After building your travel audience with your blog or affiliate site, you need to sign up with a good payable affiliate program. Then you need to generate different travel-related offers for your audience. You can also communicate with trusted travel communities to earn your additional revenue. This is the referral system to share the special link to get the little amount of contribution after completing the full payment throughout your website. 
By using the payment method like PayPal, Card, or Bank transfer, TravelPayouts will send you the commission. You will get it through US dollars or euro within the 11th & 20th of each month. They will send you the minimum amount you have earned from the previous month. This is actually if you earned $50 in July month. They will pay you between 11th & 20th August.  Their minimum payout amount is €40 or $50 for ePayment or PayPal.  For bank transfer, you need to earn a minimum of $500 or €400.
The commission rates depend on the affiliate program you’ve joined.
Travelpayouts Affiliate Network Reviews

Category Reward (% of Booking Cost)
Flights 2%-3%
Accommodations 2%-6.4%
Car Rentals 2.4%-5.6%
Bus Transportation 1%-8.3%
Train Tickets and Passes 1%-6%
Tours and Activities 2%-12.5%
Transfers 6.5%-10%
Package Tours 5%
Travel Compensation 5-22 EUR
SIM-Cards  5 EUR
Cruises 50% Revenue Share
Bike and Scooter Rental 4%

What Travel Products Can You Promote?

Below are some of the most popular affiliate programs available at Travelpayouts. Offers are grouped in categories for user convenience.

Flight Tickets

Programs in this category aim to search and compare airfares from different airlines while displaying special offers and the cheapest available tickets. These services also help create combinations of flights, trains, and buses in one single itinerary.

  • Aviasales/Jetradar. A search engine for cheap flight tickets worldwide. Affiliates receive 50% to 70% of the platform’s income.
  • Com. A pioneer in virtual interlining, allows travelers to create unlimited combinations of flights and other transportation options. The affiliate reward is 3% of the flight ticket price.


Offers presented at Travelpayouts allow customers to compare prices on hotels, rental homes, and other types of rental properties internationally, find the best rental options, and make a safe reservation.

  • Agoda is one of the fastest-growing online hotel platforms worldwide. Affiliates get 6% of the total booking value (without taxes) after the client checks out.
  • Com needs no introduction. Clients can choose from over 900,000 accommodations all over the world and access content in 40 languages. The affiliate reward is a 4% commission on each completed hotel stay.
  • HomeAway helps clients choose among two million vacation homes in 190 countries. Affiliates receive a 2% commission on approved online booking requests.
  • Hostelworld is the world’s leading booking service, with over 36,000 properties in more than 170 countries. An affiliate’s reward is 40% of the deposit.
  • Com is a leading provider of hotel accommodations, offering over 800,000 hotels worldwide. Affiliates receive a commission of 3.2% to 6.4% on bookings.

Tours and Activities

You can also earn money on excursions, walking, and gastro tours, sightseeing, and other activities. Here are some of the most popular offers at Travelpayouts:

●      GetYourGuide is a booking platform for all kinds of travel experiences. Affiliates receive a 7% base commission.

  • Voyagin is Asia’s largest travel activities booking platform. Affiliates earn 4% per sale on all items.
  • Viator presents tours, attractions, shore excursions, and private guides in more than 2,700 destinations worldwide. An affiliate receives a 4% commission on sales.
  • Musement contains the world’s most exciting tickets, tours, and activities, anywhere in the world! Affiliates are entitled to a 50% revenue share.

Car Rentals

The programs are oriented on car rental services with a wide range of reputable car rental suppliers.

  • Discover Cars is a car rental comparison website. Affiliates earn 24% to 56% of the revenue share.
  • Com is an online booking platform for car rentals to the most popular resorts and cities in Europe. An affiliate is entitled to earn a commission of 1% to 7.5%.
  • Com is an international car rental booking service operating in 160 countries. Affiliates earn a 6% commission on each completed car rental.

Ground Transportation

Help your clients book tickets for trains, buses, and transfers.

  • Training is Europe’s leading train and coach app. The affiliate’s reward is 1% to 3% per booking.
  • Ohio allows travelers to compare of train, bus, and flight tickets in Europe. Affiliates earn a 6% commission on all on-site sales.
  • Asia offers online booking of ground and water transport services in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Affiliates are entitled to a 50% revenue share.

Advantages of Travelpayouts

  • Unique travel affiliate ecosystem with a large selection of travel affiliate programs united under a single dashboard
  • Full visibility of stats across offers
  • Advanced affiliate tools: links, banners, widgets, White Labels, Mobile SDK, and more
  • Exclusive tools, such as the affiliate program search form
  • Various payout methods: bank account, PayPal, and more
  • Low minimum amount to cash out: $50
  • Proactive support service
  • Education: developed knowledge base, blog, and regular webinars

Disadvantages of Travelpayouts

  • The dashboard is only available in two languages: English and Russian (although the tools are available in 59 languages)
  • One cash out time per month (from 10 to 20 date each month)

Why you should use travel payout instead of another travel affiliate 

Before you start the affiliate career with travel payout, you should know the offer details that they will provide you to maximize your profit. They offer you a complete affiliate toolset.
Search forms: This feature will let you know the specific arrival & departure place according to your desired dates.  The number of passengers will also be shown here.  They will also offer you the best ticket price with a hotel room within your targeted range in a second.  So they are fully responsive.
White Level: According to your website design, you can see the integrated search result with the help of your domain directly—no need to forward your visitors to TravelPayouts. 
WordPress Plugin: If you want to run your CMS on with blogging there, you will find the available WordPress plugin too.  With a couple of clicks, you can install those very easily. 
Mobile SDK: They also have the mobile app version by which you can easily integrate your flight details. This framework will allow you to search for a mobile app. 
Text links: To get your specific destination with the search result text link is the best.  This will take you to the destination that you exactly want. 
Responsive Widgets:

  • To get a cheap departure date, a low fares calendar will help you.
  • Map Widget will display you the search result when you select the place on the map.
  • To confirm your booking hotel room Hotel widget will help you. Within a few clicks, you can do it. 

Free API: With this toolset, you will get a free API.  To do something sophisticated, you need this kit’s help. The search API & data registration API is available if you need this to complete your project requirements. 
Banners: Instead of a search form, you can use this banner.  A huge number of banners are ready to be located in the tools section, according to the member’s location.
The Form Builder: You can customize your search according to your demand with the help of form builders. You can also set the output settings according to your project query.  This will be completed with HTML & CSS knowledge.

How to integration  TravelPayout on your website:- 

To make your website for affiliate marketing, you need to follow some steps given below-. 
Direct database
You can manually create your own database. That will be done at the time of hosting creation. That will be like a hotel who will sell their hotel room bookings to the customers directly. You can create this direct booking portal with the help of host suppliers. This will be manually dealing with the upsells. 
To get full access to travel tickets or solutions, you need this GDS. Through this, you can distribute your system globally. GDS will allow suppliers to provide their travel-related information like product details, rate with other information. This GDS is also known as Travelport. This is only available for the license travel agents. Once you can approve this service by GDS, then the reseller will also get access to backend the wholesale rate on behalf of the customers.  
Affiliate integration
This is only for the travel reseller. For the showcase of their travel deal to earn the commission rate without any agent service. Affiliate marketing is always very easy to earn money if you can catch the main point of it or the system tricks of it. Most often, it is free to set up this service. You just need to share the booking form to develop their business & to earn your commission amount. This is actually the win-win service or partnership business. If the company became profitable, then you will get your link sharing percentage.  
API integration
API is the advanced level of the affiliate. Maximum companies do not allow to use their API with free cost. The partner will require permission to get access to use the API. Your earning can be different depending on which company API you are using. To get the ongoing technical support, you may need to install the API. This will allow the application to access any feature data.  

How much money you can earn using travelpayout:-

With the best quality content & trustworthy information, you can take the preparation of earning from affiliate.  You also need a targeted audience.  Your earning will be depending on a bigger audience. You can earn nearly $1,000 in a year. It may take 20 to 40 working hours.  As an example for the referral commission can start from $5 to $500. It will depend on your total lead value.  The high price lead will give you a high-level commission rate. 
Travel Payout shares there 60% to 70% earning by generating our traffic level. You can earn 1.2 to 1.4% from the airfare section. If the average cost of a hotel booking is $400, you will receive the revenue of $30 from each booking. To get detailed information about revenue calculation, you can visit the website also.  
How to join –
To join any program, you need to sign up first.  For every service, this is not so easy to continue. Different sections need to fill up different category information. No need to be worried.  I will help you to have a successful sign up on the site Let’s know the signup procedure-

  • First, you need to open your Google bar.  Type here
  • Then you should click on the first link. 
  • This will take you to the official home page of
  • Click on the icon showing Signup.
  • The signup form will be shown there.
  • Complete the form with all required information & click sign up now.
  • Activation will be sent to your provided Gmail account.
  • Go to your Gmail to find out the activation mail & click on “active my account.”
  • Here is all to get access to the program.  

Join the Travel Affiliate Business with Travelpayouts

Travelpayouts makes earning in the travel niche possible for almost anyone. You can start earning money on flight tickets, hotel stays, and other travel services by introducing them to your audience and boosting sales with promotional tools and campaigns. Travelpayouts allows potential affiliates to join one or more affiliate programs simultaneously and generate a decent income with no investments!
What is the best travel affiliate program? is providing the best travel affiliate program revenue. They are sharing 60% to 70% revenue, depending on your website generated traffic.  The best thing is, joining with a travel payout affiliate is totally free of cost.
What is the best method to earn money online?
In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best platform to earn a huge amount of money online.  Though you need to assure that the site is authentic or not, the scammers will spread its net everywhere.  So you need to be careful about that scam.
How to join a Travel Payout affiliate program?
To join the travelPayout affiliate program, you need to visit their official homepage. Then sign up by clicking the signup icon. Provide the required information then submit the sign up now button.  Confirming the activation code, you can get access to their affiliate program.
What is the possible commission rate of a travel affiliate program?  
The affiliate commission rate has no fixed amount. This will be varying in your affiliate program. If you share the hotel affiliate link, the average cost of hotel booking can be $400. So you can get from your referral link nearly $30.
Do they pay for their Travel Payout affiliate program timely?
Yes, they have a fixed date range to payout your commission amount. You will get paid the amount of the previous month on this month’s 11th to 20th date via the provided account number.
What are the payment methods of the Travel Payout commission amount?
You can collect your commission amount via PayPal, Card, or bank transaction.  If you earned this month’s $50 from your shared link, you would get this amount from the 11th to the 20th date of the next month.
Overall – 
At the present time, in 2020, you will get a huge number of affiliate programs. Do not take any short term decisions. That can be harmful to you & your business philosophy. So you should consider all those programs very carefully. First, have a look at your targeted audience. Then justify their interest & requirements. To get more knowledge about this business, you can directly join with the affiliate program or the community. Contact that program-related website & discuss their offers & the program details. You can also read out that affiliate program review details. That will give you a great opinion about this program.