Best 7 Amazon Affiliate Alternative Ideas

Amazon has a great affiliate program. But, there are many people out there searching for better alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program. Could it be that the Amazon affiliate program isn’t right? Or why do they have to search for a new affiliate program?
In recent times, Amazon has cut its affiliate commission. That was a decision made out of business in mind. They were aiming to garner a competitive advantage through a reduction of costs.
Amazon did introduce its affiliate marketing to online e-commerce merchants. So, the merchants failed by losing traffic and sales. Besides having many other affiliate networks, Amazon is still the most used program.
Today, the Amazon affiliate program alternative has become a trending topic for the last few months. That is because Amazon is having numerous issues with its verification system. Many people are experiencing many emails on the Amazon affiliate program verification issue.

Why You Should Ignore Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is an iconic online giant e-commerce site. You have to bear in mind. Despite that, this site also has a few drawbacks that will make you ignore its an affiliate program.
There are many challenges recently with Amazon affiliate site. Here are some essential reasons why to abandon Amazon affiliate program:

  • It has a low affiliate commission.

Amazon’s affiliate commission starts at 1% up to 10%, and it is the end. When you compare with other affiliate networks, it is clear that Amazon only pays a modest rate. Other companies are paying higher than that, and that allows marketers to earn more money. So, for one niche, people should prefer those affiliates that come with higher commission. Amazon has decreased their commission rate, an example -home niche has 8% now it’s 3%, sports and outdoor niche has 4.5%, but now it’s 3%. Every product commission is decreased ( excluding tech and luxury product )

  • It has a short period of cookies.

You have a blog, and people come to visit it. When they read out a post, they will follow your affiliate link to buy immediately. Sometimes, that doesn’t always happen.
There are times that people will visit but won’t buy. For such people, Amazon only remembers such people for only 24 hours long. It might be the shortest compared with other affiliate companies. Other affiliate networks will allow 30-day-minimum cookie settings, but Amazon seems not to follow such rules.

  • It doesn’t use PayPal.

Currently, PayPal is figuratively controlling the online payment system. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t use this popular option. While paying, they have excluded this beneficial option.

Amazon Affiliate  Alternative Programs

1. eBay Partner Network

In e-commerce sites, eBay is mostly recognized and also a trusted online merchant. That is why it has a decent conversion. There are advantages of using this affiliate program such that it pays more to affiliate marketers on the cost per click basis. That is usually calculated via the quality of traffic.
ebay partner network
Product availability
There are many Amazon affiliate alternatives, but eBay is the comparatively high conventional and trusted Amazon affiliate alternative. An added advantage is that this product is available for anyone willing to make passive income through affiliate marketing.
It is the best affiliate program because to make money with this Amazon affiliate alternative, and you don’t need to have a website. All you need is to ensure you have shared the product links to relatives, friends, colleagues, and family members. After your recommendations purchase a product from the eBay website, you earn a commission.
Besides, if you also own a WordPress website, you can also earn with eBay. But you will need an eBay affiliate link and then share it via your site. Confidently, it is something worth trying out as an alternative.
It’s choosing a product and then monetize the digital footprint through sharing the listings with the audience. If someone clicks your link to buy something from eBay with 24 hours, you will earn a commission.
Commission type
eBay partner network is the best affiliate program to choose from. This affiliate program gives you an attractive commission when you promote them. When you use this affiliate program, you earn a commission at a rate of 7.39%. If you compare this with what the Amazon affiliate program offers 4%, you will find that the eBay partner network is the best solution for affiliate marketing.
Moreover, this affiliate program also pays on a cost per click basis. That will be calculated on the traffic you bring to the e-commerce site. With that, it will be hard to determine your commission rate.
Payment method
There is great potential earning with the eBay affiliate program. That is because the commission rates will be ranging between 50 percent to 70 percent of the revenue share. So, there is no potential limit to earning. However, you’ll be paid every month. The minimum needed to receive your payment is $10, and it is through PayPal or Direct Deposit.
Why it’s best
There are many advantages of using the eBay affiliate program. Most of all, their cost per click angle is attractive, and you can earn a good amount with this affiliate program. If Amazon’s commission has hit you hard, this is the best alternative. It is, therefore, the best alternative to give a shot.

2. Target Affiliate Program

This is a good affiliate program that helps the creators to partner, aiming to monetize their content using a huge brand. They have weekly affiliate newsletters that give producers a huge variety of promotional tools. You can, therefore, earn by engaging your audience with sporting goods apparel, baby and kids products, or something else.
target affiliate program
Product availability
There is a great advantage that makes Target to be the best affiliate program and an alternative to the Amazon affiliate program. That is because they are very inclusive with their program. That makes it open to everyone, as most people are usually accepted to earn an income with this program.
To be part of this affiliate marketing family, you should have a website with some quality content. But, not all niche are accepted. There are some subjects that are prohibited, such as gambling and other offensive materials. Although, with the others, you will be accepted.
When using this affiliate marketing, you will choose a variety of products that you can promote with your website. It is a store that has everything, and that is why most affiliates will use this program to make their program work. It doesn’t matter the niche they have specialized as long as its not offensive material.
Commission type
In this affiliate program, it is only four categories that will give make you earn a commission. If you look at the Amazon affiliate program, it has a 24-hour dismissal. The reason as to why this is the best affiliate program is because it includes 7-day tracking cookies. By doing that in all the affiliate links, it means that there is a greater chance of earning a commission after making a purchase.
An added advantage is that this Target affiliate program gives you an interesting bonus. That means you will be paid your commission after any purchase that will be made within seven days and not only on the first purchase.
For example, you have a website and have this e-commerce site links. If someone will click on one of your links today and purchase a product tomorrow on your recommendations, then after three days they make another purchase, you’ll be given a commission on the two purchases.
Payment method
During the payment, as an affiliate marketer of a Target affiliate program, you will get a commission between 1% to 8%. That will depend on the sales volume and product category. It is unfortunate for the Health and Beauty category because it doesn’t benefit from this model. Its commission will always cap at 1%, and that is regardless of the sales volume. The payment will be disbursed via PayPal or bank transfer.
Why it’s best
There are various things to look before you choose an alternative affiliate program. The target affiliate program is the best option because most niches will find a place to settle. It also has a wide verity of products that you can promote. Their affiliate management team is also the best. When you need assistance, they always give you a prompt response.

3. Jet Affiliate Program

jet affiliate program

The jet affiliate program is an affiliate under Walmart’s e-commerce site. The program allows you to leverage its physical distributions and parent brand. With that, it results in a big product catalog having better shipping. Besides, an added advantage of this alternative is because it is combined with excellent usability and unique offers and therefore giving people the best shopping experience.
Product availability
If you want to earn a passive income with the Jet affiliate program, it is a membership club that doesn’t require a membership fee. This affiliate program is under Walmart’s e-commerce, although it operates on its own. It is, therefore, a tough decision considering that this program is offered by two firms. With Jet, you have access to bulk orders, and Walmart, on the other hand, gives you a higher commissioner.
The jet affiliate program has a smaller commission, but it is a stellar choice. They have a massive product catalog, and that gives you a chance to promote anything you would love posted on your website. With the Jet’s 2-day shipping, it frequently offers you promotions making it the best affiliate program for everyone.
In all, this affiliate program could, therefore, be the central promotion with your online shopping blog. That is because they are ‘hip,’ especially with the young crowd. Besides, they are doing perfectly with mobile experience. This might be exactly the affiliate marketing program you’re looking like an amazing alternative.
Commission type
To earn a commission through this program, it is easy as it accepts all types of affiliates. That makes it unique as its catalog and brand. The commission through this affiliate program ranges about 3% on all orders, and there are no restrictions. Besides, it also has an incentive program that pays about 20% commission for certain categories of big affiliates.
With this affiliate program, their frequent deals combined with a 7-day cookie give affiliate marketers plenty of excitement that hype in generating sales and also referral come. It also has various essential features such as banners, robust tracking, and reporting, deep linking, and news feed that helps in maximizing affiliate potential.
Payment method
There is a great chance of earning good money with this affiliate program. Besides having a 3% commission on all orders, it outweighs the Amazon affiliate with its 7-day cookies. So, there is a greater chance of earning more with this program. After earning, your payment will be via bank transfer, and that is done on a monthly basis.
Why it’s best
The affiliate program is essential for people who want to earn passive income as it uses LinkShare to power this affiliate program. With this affiliate program, it is the best because it offers frequent promotions, regular newsletters, deals, daily product feedback, and banners you can work with. You can also get help from the support easily from a dedicated team.

4. Banggood Affiliate Program

If you’re using this affiliate program, you can even earn without selling anything. The program is easy to use; all you need to do is promote their products via your social media, blog, website, or any online locations. You will receive a commission after you get a successful refer.
Product availability
If you want to join the Banggood affiliate program, the membership fee is free. That simple!
There are different ways to join this affiliate marketing program. The easiest and fastest method of all is directly joining this program. The other method of joining the Banggood affiliate program is through their network partners, such as ShareASale or CJ affiliate. By that, it means you will be a member of their network, and Bangood will pay your commission via their system. It is an added advantage because you will have a chance to promote various products at multiple stores. Although each affiliate platform will have its analytics and data reports.
When marketing for Banggood, you have to display its link or AD on your blog, social media,  website, or any online application. That enables you to receive a commission of a successful sale that is on you.
So, with the Banggood affiliate program, you’re earning without selling a thing. You also don’t need to have a website.
Commission type
You will earn and get paid commission on orders you refereed to the customers and purchased with 15 days after clicking your link. Besides, as an affiliate marketer with Banggood, you can also add that affiliate code to help track your referrals.
The commission will be calculated with a percentage of total orders placed. With the commission, it will be based on the affiliate membership type. They give a table that helps you to see the affiliate membership classes and commission rates. In each class, it will be determined by total sales that are made via your affiliate account. So, more selling will lead to a greater commission.
Payment method
The affiliate program is great because it supports top brands, and their hot deals are incredible. An added advantage is free and low shipping cost option that helps the customers to make a final decision. After you earn with this program, the money will be paid via various payment options in the world such as PayPal and bank transfer.
Why it’s best
There are many reasons as to why this affiliate program is the best. First, you don’t have to pay anything for you to get started. That is because Bangood affiliate membership has always been free. Besides, it is also easy to join this affiliate program. An added advantage is that it is easy for you to earn even when you don’t sell anything.

5. AliExpress Affiliate Program

Alixpress affiliate program is among the easiest and simplest alternative affiliate programs to promote products and earn a commission. It is no different from other affiliate programs.  If a buyer adds products in their cart using your website, that will be navigated to AliExpress. That gives you a chance to earn a healthy commission depending on each sale that your site generates for AliExpress.
Product availability
In this program, the sellers register quite easily. After a buyer has added a product at their cart through your website, it will be navigated to AliExpress. That gives the affiliate marketers a chance to earn a high commission on the sales of their websites that generate to AliExpress.
As you earn a commission from various sellers and orders on AliExpress, you should reach on the products that are selling well. And also, the bountiful commission rate of each product category.
This Amazon alternative affiliate program empowers the affiliate marketer by featuring unique products or services through their websites such as blogs, e-commerce sites, and more. If a visitor comes across the product or service through their website, their computer will get a “cookie.”
Commission type
The thing that has been discouraging people from joining affiliate programs is because of relatively low rates. With the Amazon affiliate program, the commission will range between 1% and 10%. Although 4% is usually the usual rate, you will get. AliExpress commission is different because it is a generous affiliate program. This affiliate program will give the affiliate marketer a commission of 8.5% and can go up to 10%. As a new user of this program, you can also get a commission of about 6%. That makes this affiliate program excellent and also the best alternative to the Amazon program.
Payment method
Besides all the advantages of this program, it has a downside on the payment method. AliExpress affiliate program only pays its affiliate marketers through the International Wire Transfer. The minimum amount that one can withdraw is $16, where $15 will be the processing fee. That will be too high.
Why it’s best
As you can see, AliExpress is a great affiliate program for beginners that don’t aim at jumping into dropshipping. So it helps you earn a steady income while everything is quite simple overall. That makes this affiliate program the best even for those doing drop shipping as they can get an additional discount.

6. Etsy Affiliate Market

This is a good marketplace that helps creative souls earn income. This is a platform that was created by the Etsy team, where people around the world will sell their vintage or home-made goods to others. With the Etsy affiliate program, you will get a commission after selling goods. That is after you showcase Etsy products with different affiliate links on social media and sites.
Product availability
Etsy affiliate program offers affiliate marketers with an array of products. It is an affiliate program that is available for anyone who wants to apply. Although, there are some profiles that aren’t eligible with this program, such as voucher code and cashback websites.
There are also Canadian, German, French, UK, Australian, and Scandinavian (Sweden) affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer, you only have to apply for an affiliate program in your country.
When it comes to commission, it is always rewarded no matter the country the purchase will be made. This is a popular affiliate program for the crafting world, as it is easy to sign up. For you to be eligible for this affiliate program, you have to cater to the customer base, such as a craft/ vintage niche.
When signing up, you will need to pay $5 but will be credited back the moment you’re getting the first payment. That helps in bypassing bots or people that aren’t interested in this program.
Commission type
Their location or country determines the commission an affiliate marketer earns with the Etsy affiliate program. That offer ranges between 4 – 8% for all completed sales. So, it means that any products that you will advertise and be sold via customer clicking your affiliate links will give you a commission. It is quite comparable to such affiliate programs paying around 5% on average.
Besides, you have to consider that you’ll be selling hand made products and not new items. It is something unique in this affiliate marketing.
Etsy affiliate program offers the users a 30 days cookie. So, any future purchase up to 30 days will give you a commission of the products purchased.
Payment method
You will earn a commission from each qualified sale. That will exclude delivery, tax, returns, and cancellations. With a cookie period of 30 days, you will get a commission that will be deposited into your account.
Why it’s best
This is a great affiliate program. It is the best because even if you have an Etsy store where you’re selling your products, there is room for you to become an Etsy affiliate. The downside is that you won’t earn a commission from what you’re offering in your store.

7. TravelPayouts Affiliate Program

TravelPayouts has been a powerful tool network for 31 biggest travel engines. These search engines help to scan popular sites and then give you query results. Some of these sites include,, and So, using the TravelPayouts affiliate program, you’re promoting these sites to earn a commission. It’s one of the best travel affiliate program.
Product availability
Anyone willing is allowed to sign up at this affiliate program. They also have trademark bidders and because they are on multiple networks, that gives a chance for anyone to sign up who want to get instant access.
Travelpayouts is the biggest travel affiliate site. It gives users four different types of opportunities. That means you can earn an income in different ways.
The first method is through an affiliated link. If you are a blogger, you have to post a link that will be on their search engine using high-quality banners or text links that they provide in their affiliate zone.
The other way is the inclusion of search forms of the travel search on your website. This is after TravelPayouts gives some pre-made search forms which will be copied to affiliate marketers’ blogs.
Commission type
In case you will join this program on their Travel Affiliate Program through the reviews and use this code “ADAMRIEMER,” you have a chance of getting 90% commission depending on what they will earn via booking of hotels and flights. It is good for a determined affiliate marketer.
Generally, travelpayout hotels commission is 50 to 70% of their earning. Ex – a hotel booking charge is 1000$ and travelpayout gets 100$ then you will get 60$. And the airfare prices depend on the partners it has no fixed rate.
There is no other travel affiliate program that will offer you something better than this affiliate program. If you have traffic or a site about sports, Russia or Eastern Europe, there are many travels taking place. So, it will be a good site to check.
Payment method
Some ways can make you earn more. You should use a white label searching tool that gives you information about visitors traveling. The commission across the multiple programs will be paid once a month. You can use your favorite payout method,s such as bank transfers and PayPal.
Why it’s best.
When you use this type of affiliate program, there are many advantages to experience. The affiliate program is the best because it offers some cool tools such as white labeling, the widgets, and the maps. So, if you have a destination site, a site based on a specific place, or travel the only site, this is a perfect program for you.

Why you should use AdSense on your niche website

Adsense has been proven that it can help you earn a good income when you have a niche website. So, the best thing for you is to make yourself a niche site and especially a micro-niche.
Having a niche website, it means that you’re creating content on a specific topic or subject. For example, if a blog is having articles on spearfishing, that is a niche site. The process that is involved in making these sites and generating money out of the sites is referred to as niche marketing.
Here are the advantages of using AdSense on niche websites:

  • It is easy to get clicked.

The niche sites have focused contents meeting the needs and wants of visitors and readers. For example, if it is about sport, you’ll learn about sport only.
When someone searches on search engines on a specific topic, your website will be among those containing hundred of articles of the specific niche. The content has to be engaging. So, it is likely that the reader will click your site because it will appear alongside the articles.

  • Profit from spam

Assuming you’re running a payday loan site or affiliate one, many people will consider your site as spam by default. In case you tastefully write articles on such topics, then you won’t be viewed as spam by the web public.

  • The information based on organic links

On the internet, information is usually regarded as more citations worth more than those pages selling stuff. When monetized using AdSense, you’re likely to get inbound links. These inbound links are of money-making pages, and that is an advantage because you won’t buy links.

The Final Verdict
Amazon affiliate program has various challenges, such as becoming banned, living in the wrong place, short cookies time, phone verification issues, limited payment options, or other reasons. There are numerous options for you to generate an income with your niche website using affiliate programs. Besides, some affiliate programs have proven to be the best alternative to the Amazon affiliate program.
With all these options, you can use them to generate income. But, foremost, you need to have a proper strategy before you apply to these alternatives. You can get success after implementing the above alternatives. Have a successful blogging and happy earning!