What Is Elitetorrent, Is It Still Running In 2020? How To Use Elitetorrent?

The torrent landscape is quite different compared to the way it was some years ago. Besides the services they offer, they also face challenges from copyright holders and giant media because they have been threatened to close their sites.
However, some of the torrents faced off but a variety of them are still standing today and some year to come. Among the torrents, its the Elitetorrent.

What Is Elitetorrent

Elitetorrent is among the best in a large number of the Bittorrent sites. This site had some challenges that led to the closure. During that time, this site released a movie “Star Wars: Episode III” earlier than the time intended to be released at the Movies theatre.
However, this is a well-visited Spanish type of torrent tracker that majors in TV series and movies. In the time of operation, this site was the most visited.
What Is Elitetorrent
On the other hand, for a torrent site, it comprises of itself, seeders, peers, and teachers. So, a torrent will be a small file that contains specific content having a relationship with a file you’re aiming to download. However, what you will be downloading will be a torrent although the downloading speed depends entirely on peers, leechers or seeders.
The seeders will be the people who have uploaded that file to any torrent site. However, the leechers, on the other hand, are the people that will download that file. For peers, these are people who will have to download the file and then share the same file with others.
The challenge is that it is becoming hard for one to get the best torrent site while ignoring Elitetorent. The problem is that the coming type of torrent sites are serving malicious torrent files which will cause great harm to the computer. For you to get yourself from this problem, you need to choose a reliable and competent site. According to research, this Elitetorrent is among the most preferred type where you can choose and download TV series or movies.
This site, Elitetorrent is usually best for people who want torrent files that have featured trending series, movies, and latest release. The only media you will get here is movies and TV series as that is what this site was purposely designed.

What Actually Happened On Elitetorrent

Some years ago, the web was under pressure. It was for a long time that ended up affecting various sites. However, their spotlight was on large corporations because they could spread the links of many cases that infringed copyright.
In 2006, it’s when the people responsible with the web Elitetorrent announced that they have closed their doors definitely. Besides, as many other sites having the same theme, they shielded that they didn’t host any copyrighted content but only link the files. So, they can’t get them on their servers. It is something that has also led to the closure of various websites because of having the files on their servers.
So, the case termed as “Operattion D-Elite” was the one conducted by the US FBI against Elitetorrent. The leading members received imprisonment and home arrest.
This was on May 25, 2005, when the authorities were able to execute search warrants and managed to seize the Elitetorrents domain. Besides, the authorities also obtained the servers logs for people who were downloading and uploading on that site.
Even though, by January 15, 2007, no legal action had been taken to most of the normal members of the Elitetorrent.
Additionally, from the Star Wars workprint, the challenge was that the site owner was living inside the US. So, it was easier for the site to be targeted by authorizing in the country. Besides, the servers of the site were in Netherland although the BitTorrent trackers that were located on that server were operating.
The moment that the site was taken down, at first, the people trying to access it received a notice. The notice was created in MS Word and the owners announced that their site was a victim from the DDoS attack. They also blamed other hoax attacks. It was later after the FBI announced to have taken Elitetorrent down.

Why People Use Elitetorrent

This site is preferred by most people because it’s the largest that you can download the series and movies when you need it in Spanish. So, it, therefore, means choosing Elitetorrent you can get an extensive range of the series and movies that are available. All you need is one click to download the movie or series you want.
However, it’s also worth to mention that at Elitetorrent, it strives by offering elite of movies which are the best ever! In case the user will be passing through their site, they will find it interesting because they can identify the quality of the movie and part for downloading.
The other reason why people are referring to this website is that they never look for something and then make them stay halfway. It is something that the site tries to solve through practical and efficient navigation.
Besides, this Elitetorrent is among the most visited download pages you will come across in Spain. It has even created another domain that will help the users access the site easily.
If you’re a lover of the HD series, this is the site giving you quality series. It is therefore easy for anyone to download the series. It’s a place where you can get complete seasons.
For movie lovers, this is the largest platform that is easy and fast to download. Through its filters, the clients can easily get the movie they want. It’s a place where you can also analyze and reviews what you’re interested in before downloading.

Is It Still Running On 2020

Yes, but with another domain. However, Elitetorrent remains to be one that most users prefer when they aim at searching content they can download from their internet.
Even though, Elitetorrent career hasn’t been easy because it has been in problems some times. As we are in 2020, EliteTorrent performance against the other alternatives is different because it was locked an opened a new domain. However, for you not to be in trouble, you should use Torrent VPN all the time. If you do so, then the monitoring agencies or the hackers will not see you or use anything against you. Besides, you can also deal effectively with some issues such as ISP throttling which should be the best thing.
In 2007, it seemed that everything was lost after it’s closure for 13 years active. The organization that was responsible was able to post the statement in their domain that explained the cessation for their activity. It converted into eliteros.com which was a site for series and movie lovers for ratings, criticisms, see videos or news and share tastes. The website is still active although foreign to any link having torrent or downloads.
As many other famous sites for download in Spain were blocked, the other affected apart from Elitetorrent is Gnula and Mejortorrent.
However, on the internet, if you cut one leg from the creature, the others will quickly grow. So, after many days, Elitetorent was able to open another domain because it was doing it for it to stay afloat. So, to access the site, you use this link: Elitetorrent.bz.
As among the best-known and oldest website for Spanish download, it has more than a decade that it existed. Although it has a large handful of other domains, it’s only little going for 2020 which is it’s a second chance and might not be the last.

How To Use Elitetorrent, Is It Actually Work?

Elitetorrent is usually the best site for the people who aim at downloading torrent files for the latest releases and trending movies or series. This website is purposely designed for downloading movies or TV series.
With the current domain, after the closure of the other domain a decade ago, it’s easy to use this Elitetorrent. It still stands as among the best sites from a torrent that you can get and download healthy and quality torrents.
Its a safe site and easy to use even for beginners. If you want to download torrent from this site, you enter and look for the click button to download.

Elitetorrent Alternative Website

  • The Pirate Bay

Despite the years passing, this site The Pirate Bay will remain to lead as an alternative for movie download. It is also a portal having huge community users that download or share.
Here, you get torrent links for all types and have a well-adjusted search engine that you will easily find what you need. Besides, after searching, there are also various filters that will adjust more.
The site is available internationally but the main domain will be more complicated in some countries such as Spain. For you to access, you will need to consider various proxies that are available in different countries.

  • ETTV

For this portal, ExtraToreent, was among the best sites that could be an alternative for Elitetorrent. However, the domain doesn’t exist again but they came up with another one called ETTV. This has similar operations such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass because of search engines and filters helping to simplify the location of any link. However, the community that is behind the torrent site is no longer the same, and therefore file availability not the same.
In case you need torrents that you can download using this program, this will be a good alternative available and also a web portal for all types of torrents.

  • BestTorrent

This site “BestTorrent” might not be the best alternative for Elitetorrent. It doesn’t have a greater link availability or level of usability but the reason to choose this domain is that it offers its contents in Spanish. So, it will be easier for people to find what they want.
Despite not being the best choice for file availability, but the major concern is on multimedia content which is on Spanish and therefore a major alternative to Elitetorrent for Spanish. However, when not on Elitetorrent, this should be your choice domain to get the movies you need.

  • Torrentz2

For the previous alternative for Elitetorrent, the main focus was on multimedia content in Spanish, but let’s now look for something broader. However, the content is mostly in English, but also a variety of content is dubbed in Spanish. To the users of telecommunications the operators have been blocked from accessing but not everyone.
This domain is popular worldwide, and therefore availability of torrent downloads which is really wide. However, if you want to look for multimedia content only in Spanish, it might not be a good alternative.

  • EZTV

This site is a good alternative to consider for Elitetorrent because its the best for the torrenting sites offering users TV series. In this site, you’re likely to find all the TV serials using this free torrenting site. The picture quality they offer to the users is of high quality. Besides, the users download all the files they need based on what they like.
Due to controversy, the site had banned some releases which happened also to other torrent sites. However, this is a release group operating also in other torrent sites like the kickass torrents or the famous The Pirate Bay.
Elitetorrent: FAQ
How is Elitetorrent performing?
You will find that the torrent landscape, and especially Elitetorrent seems different for the last few years. However, they are facing numerous challenges with copyright holders and authorities that are threatening to shut them down.
Is Elitetorrent downloading safe?
For other torrent loadings, it is becoming dangerous when you don’t have protection. However, most of the P2P files that we are sharing are legal and therefore copyrighted.
The Final Thought
If you want to download torrent files having featured movies or trending series which are of the latest release, then Elitetorrent will be the best website to choose. Besides giving you it’s content in Spanish. This is the best site that has been designed specifically for movies or TV series because that’s the media you can get here.