How Fast is Your Home Internet Speed?

If you are wondering how fast your internet speed is, or not sure if you are getting the same internet speed you were promised while signing up? Look no further. It can be easily determined and is a few clicks away, you will find a couple of Online Speed Test that will be able to give you an estimate of the average speed you are receiving from your ISP in a matter of 60 seconds. Even better if you check more than one free online internet speed test, just to be sure about the report it is generating.

How can internet speed be Measured?

Internet speed is referred to the speed of data you receive from the World Wide Web traveling to your home landing on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone(s). This data’s speed is measured in Mbps (i.e. megabits per second), where 1024 Kb (i.e. kilobits per second) is equal to one megabit. The conversion indicates that 1.0 Mbps is 1,000 times faster than 1.0 Kbps (kilobits per second). The broadband connection is also known as high-speed internet and that is defined through the download speed of about 768 Kbps and at least 200 Kbps for upload speeds. Upload speed and download speed can be differentiated in two different approaches: the download speed is related to the internet speed required for downloading anything online to the computer, whereas the upload speed is the parameter how the online information is shared from the computer to internet.


Broadband internet or high-speed internet can be availed through cable operators, telecommunication companies, or internet service providers. You can check the serviceability of all the top providers in your region on the LocalCableDeals website. High-speed internet is a particular type of connection that ingests various mediums of channelizing data to transfer a huge amount of information to its consumers. Make sure you scrutinize how responsive and helpful the customer support service of your ISP is going to be; spectrum customer service is one of the most highly praised amongst all the ISPs, but do check for yourself before signing up.

How to define good or fast internet speed?

For the majority of internet users, 30 Mbps is considered a reasonable internet speed. Some can even work well in less and rest may need more, for fulfilling their internet appetite. Nonetheless, 30 Mbps is widely considered as a good internet speed to begin with and for an average internet user.

On the whole, the definition of good internet speed or fast internet connection varies from one individual to another individual based on their internet consumption – that only differ greatly from each member of the house to another. Furthermore, the number of devices connected, usage, timings of high consumptions, and other factors also impact the speed of internet connection.

To make it simple for all the readers, we are sharing a brief breakdown of the most common internet usages and how the speed range work according to the task.

Internet Speed of up to 0–5 Mbps

Works best for:

  • Reading and replying to emails.
  • Good for streaming your favorite tunes on one device.
  • Browsing internet like google searches.

Internet Speed of up to 5–40 Mbps

Works best for:

  • Good for streaming some videos on one device.
  • Face Timing or video calling via Skype.
  • One player can play games online.

Internet Speed of up to 40–100 Mbps

Works best for:

  • HD video can be streamed on a couple of devices.
  • Support online gaming for multiplayer.
  • Downloading large files.

Internet Speed of up to 100–500 Mbps

Works best for:

  • Ultra HD videos can be streamed on various screens.
  • Quickly download files.
  • Supports online gaming for several players.

Internet Speed of up to 500–1,000+ Mbps

  • Capable of doing nearly everything mentioned above.

For building a better understanding of how fast your home internet speed is or could have been; we are sharing another internet speed chart for educating internet users that how the internet is consumed through various activities. It will help you determine what speed is fast enough for you and all the internet users at your place.

Exchanging Emails

Minimum internet required speed: 1 Mbps

Recommended speed: 1 Mbps

Browsing internet

Minimum internet speed required: 3 Mbps

Recommended speed: 5 Mbps

Social media

Minimum internet speed required: 3 Mbps

Recommended speed: 10 Mbps

Streaming videos in SD (Standard Definition)

Minimum internet speed required: 3 Mbps

Recommended speed: 5 Mbps

Streaming videos in HD (High Definition)

Minimum internet speed required: 5 Mbps

Recommended speed: 10 Mbps

Streaming videos in 4K

Minimum internet speed required: 25 Mbps

Recommended speed: 35 Mbps

Online games

Minimum internet speed required: 3–6 Mbps

Recommended speed: 25 Mbps

Streaming live music

Minimum internet speed required: 1 Mbps

Recommended   speed: 1 Mbps

One-to-one video calling

Minimum internet speed required: 1 Mbps

Recommended speed: 5 Mbps

Video conference calls

Minimum internet speed required: 2 Mbps

Recommended speed: 10 Mbps

What internet speed is slow internet?

When the download speed is lesser than 25 Mbps that is considered extremely slow for being called a high-speed internet or broadband internet. The users getting this internet speed will undergo buffering while video streaming, connecting more than one device to the internet would be a challenge, along with further issues related to connectivity.

Some people may work these speeds out too without any prominent hurdles if their internet consumption is low and the users do not use internet connection simultaneously. In any case, more usage will slow down the entire connection and make it a slow internet connection.

Wrapping up

In this article, we have tried to explain almost all the essential aspects one should comprehend to understand the speed of the internet. We covered the fast speed of the internet, how it varies, the usage and internet consumption, and what slow internet connection looks like – everything to make you understand how fast is your home internet speed. If you are looking for getting new or changing your internet service provider, we assure you this will help you – in otherwise situation after getting an insight on how internet functions, you might consider upgrading or downgrading your internet connection.

For determining how fast your home internet speed is, you got to ask yourself first to find out the right internet connection and speed for your household. Every household is unique and you should go for internet service or plan that conveniently fulfills all of them without making a dent in your pocket.