How to Find out Who Called Me [Top 7 Effective Method]

Sometimes we get phone calls from unknown numbers that we do not recognize. These phone calls register as anonymous, private, or an unsaved number. Not only are they unsettling, but they can also make you wonder who has your contact and is always trying to call. Thanks to advances in technology, it is possible to find out who called you without their knowledge. There are online services and apps that you can utilize to this effect. After thorough research, we have compiled a collection of effective methods that can be used to find out who called you. Take a look below!

Applications you can use to find out who called you:-


This is the world’s most popular caller identification application. Truecaller can identify any phone number that calls you by relying on a spam list created by a worldwide community of users. More than 250 million people around the globe contribute to this list, so you can be sure that it is definitive. Truecaller can capture a phone number and cross-check it against this list in real-time. By doing so, this application can identify any phone number that calls you.


Truecaller has a feature that is known as the Live Caller ID that reveals the identity of everyone who calls you even if you have not saved their number in your phone contacts. In doing so, it helps you to identify unknown callers. Live Caller ID requires a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection to operate smoothly. Furthermore, you need to install Truecaller in your phone’s memory and not the SD Card so that these unusual features can work.

Through Truecaller, you can also lookup someone’s identity using their phone number. If you receive a suspicious phone number from a colleague, friend, or family member, simply insert it into the Truecaller search bar and perform a search. After that, this app will find out the name of this phone number’s holder.

Truecaller has numerous unique facilities, including a block function that prevents spam callers or con people from calling you. It also has a feature where you can search for businesses using their numbers through a Yelp integration. Furthermore, Truecaller can provide you with notifications on your phone home screen using Live Tiles. This free app is available for Android and iOS operating systems on Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


It is another fantastic app that can perform a phone number lookup to deliver the name of your caller. NumBuster is excellent for finding out who called your phone. It accomplishes this automatically using the app’s internal screening system. You can also achieve this objective manually by looking up a specific phone number through its dedicated search bar. Using both strategies, NumBuster can identify the owner of any phone number across the world.


An excellent feature of NumBuster is that you can find out the details of a phone number even if it is not saved on your phone. After doing so, you can leave comments about that person for other NumBuster users to read. The app relies on a community-based list for global identification. Furthermore, it can also track people using SMS messages received from unknown numbers.

You can create a profile within NumBuster that will be displayed whenever you call other people who also use this app. Thankfully, your details are kept secret when calling anyone who does not have this application installed. Only your name will be visible. This free, convenient app is available on the Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store for iPhones and iPads.


CallClerk works differently from other number tracking apps because it manages all the incoming and outgoing calls on your smartphone. This app will automatically research and display the details of every number that calls you. If you have the amount saved on your phone, it will display the name that you listed. If it is not saved, CallClerk will immediately search a community-based list and reveal all the details associated with that number. In this way, it can show the name and location of any unknown numbers that call you.


CallClerk provides a complete profile that shows the name, number, and picture of every number that calls you. If the number has been blocked or blacklisted by someone else in the community-based list, it will be presented to you as a registered spammer. It immediately prompts you to block them too for your safety.

CallClerk also empowers you to block saved numbers manually so that they cannot contact you. With this handy app, you can assign ringtones or alerts to specific numbers, so you know who is calling based on the alert. It is a fantastic call management app that’s built for the Windows Mobile operating system.

Ascendis Caller ID 3

Are you searching for a phone number identification application? The Ascendis Caller ID 3 is a sure bet. This is a fantastic app that collaborates with your network’s number identification system to control who calls you. This excellent software can scan every number that calls your phone and reveal its identification details in real-time. This function requires an Internet connection to operate effectively. In addition to that, Ascendis Caller ID 3 updates its internal database to perform call management automatically, even when you are offline. Through this facility, the app also flags registered spam callers such as telemarketers and cons.


A neat feature of Ascendis Caller ID 3 is that it announces the name of everyone who calls you and is saved in your phonebook. Thus helps you to know which calls can be answered urgently and which ones can receive a response later. Moreover, you can use Ascendis Caller ID 3 to organize numbers into work, home or leisure while assigning each category a unique ringtone. It is a unique call management software tool for iOS, Windows and Android smartphones.

Online services that you can use to find out who called you


This is a free online service for finding out who called you. SpyDialer provides a search bar in which you can insert any phone number and perform a query. The website will respond with information about the registered owner of the phone number. SpyDialer collects phone numbers and their associated data from publicly available sources and telecommunications providers to create a database that you can query for free! They have millions of records so you can find out the name and location of any phone number by performing a simple search.

A notable feature of this service is that it is very easy to use. All that you need to do is visit its official website and insert the phone number that you want to search for. As you do so, ensure that the phone tab is activated. After inserting it, tap on the search button and this software will immediately go through millions of records to provide information about your query.

SpyDialer provides the name and address of the phone number’s owner, thus delivering a complete profile of the number’s owner. It is worth noting that SpyDialer only works with US numbers. It can also flag a number as registered spam so that you can block it to secure your phone further.


Are you searching for the identity behind an unknown number in North America? Let Whitepages help you to accomplish this! With thorough coverage of the United States, this online phone lookup service empowers you to find out the name and address behind any phone number. It is an important service that can find mobile numbers and landlines. Whitepages is very easy to use because all you have to do is navigate to its website. Once you’ve arrived, insert the suspicious phone number within a dedicated search bar. Tap on the search icon and Whitepages will display the details about that number.

You can perform a free search to find out the name of a phone number’s owner. In addition to that, you can pay for a premium account and receive additional data such as their address as well as any other phone numbers registered to that person. Whitepages is a great way to perform a reverse phone number lookup to find out who called you.


Judging from its brand name, WhoCallsMe is an online solution for uncovering the identity of any phone number that calls you. This website can perform an international search and it focuses extensively on North American phone numbers. WhoCallsMe is exceptional for finding out the name and address behind any phone number.

To use this online solution, simply visit their official website and insert the phone number you are investigating in the search bar. Pressing on the search will reveal the name and address of the phone number’s holder. It will also give you details of any additional data about the associated owner. To enhance your searching experience, WhoCallsMe provides you with an opportunity to insert some comments about that particular person. This helps future searchers to get comprehensive profiles about every number in the database. Fortunately, all this is provided to you for free!


Another online service that is capable of finding any number across North America is SearchBug. This website prides itself on usability because of the intuitive user interface. To use SearchBug, begin by navigating to its official website and insert the unknown number in a dedicated search bar. Tap on the Search button and you’ll receive the name behind the number. SearchBug indicates that they can also provide data such as the full registered name of the phone number’s owner and their address. However, this extra information requires payment. This online service is thorough and provides reliable information, but much of it is behind the payment wall.


When it comes to sheer coverage, NumberVille towers above the rest, this online phone number lookup service operates on an international scale, and it can search for any number no matter the country of origin. NumberVille is continuously updated so that you receive the latest information whenever you perform a search. It accomplishes this by pulling data from publicly accessible databases, telecommunications carriers and online messaging boards.

Within NumberVille, insert the phone number that you want to investigate in a dedicated search box and perform a query. The service will return details such as the name of its holder, their current address, any past addresses and all other numbers registered by that particular user. All this is provided for free! Through NumberVille, you can find out the details of anyone on earth using their phone number!


Sometimes we get phone calls from people who are not saved in our contacts. We do not recognize these numbers and they could even be presented as unknown. How can you find out who called you? Simply use the apps or online services that we have described above. They can help you to find out the name and address of the person or organization that is calling you. Many of these solutions are free and they provide comprehensive results every time!