Software for Small Companies – a Competitive Advantage?

Big businesses have a lot of resources that allow them to have the necessary tools to develop their activity and grow faster than their small counterparts. Now, with technological democratization, small and medium enterprises can have better access to technology. Can software for small businesses make them more competitive? How?

Technology Democratization and Growth

We live in an increasingly technological world. More and more companies are using technology to make their businesses grow, and what was exclusive for big companies, before, is now much more accessible to small and medium companies. So they can benefit as well of the production automation when we are talking about production lines; they can benefit from marketing tools or management software. They can also benefit from specific technology tailored to their businesses’ needs.

Should you have a Software for Small Companies?

When we talk about software we are talking about a very broad subject: Software is basically any program that runs on a machine and allows to take specific actions. If you have a small company, maybe you already have software to do certain things: For instance, you may have software for invoices already (mandatory in some countries). You probably also use software such as Windows or Mac programs, if you use computers.
But there are other software’s for small and medium businesses that you can use, oriented to an objective. But which ones? There’s almost no limit to the potential that software has – especially when you talk about tailormade software, but here are some common examples of its use:

  • Industrial software

Industrial software
If you have a small factory, you know how important automation can be. Although it can be costly at first, with time automation allows you to reduce costs, be more effective and efficient in what you do. That’s what big companies have been doing for a long time. But now SMEs have also access to similar software, and, when making the right investment choices, they can also be more competitive and, with optimization, be even more competitive.

  • Services software for small companies

Services software for small companies
If you run a business that offers services, you can also improve it with software, creating value to your client. Things as simple as an appointment software with mobile apps, such as the one made by Apperoni, for example, can make your client have much more interaction with your business, making both parties live easier. In that way, you’re losing less time on the phone, and offering a better service, better information, and so on. And that can improve your business and the way clients see you.

  • Marketing software

Marketing analysis is important to know which are the best ways for you to reach your customers. There are a lot of marketing software plans for small companies, that allows you to have access to specific software for SEO, social media, CRMs, video and others. In that way, you can measure and adjust your strategy in order to reach your clients better.
The bottom line is: software can help your business grow and now there is good software that is accessible to small businesses, making them more competitive. Are you taking advantage of it?