Top 10 Best CPU Overclocking Software

The beauty of computers is that you can manipulate them and adjust their performance to fit your personal preference. There are so many components in a computer system that can be enhanced, boosted and recalibrated to achieve a specific benefit. One of these is the processor chip. Also known as the Central Processing Unit (CPU) this is the brain of your computer because it is the main location for all the processing tasks. The majority of the processors in our computers are manufactured by companies such as Intel, Nvidia or AMD.

Your CPU transforms data into information based on your instructions. You can make it perform this transformation quicker by merely giving it more voltage through a process known as overclocking. By implementing a combination of hardware adjustment and the addition of thermal insulation, you can overclock your processor and make it run twice or thrice as fast! For those looking to overclock their processors, we have reviewed the best overclocking software below for you.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is the absolute best software tool to overclock your processor by far. This Windows tool is applicable for Intel and AMD Central Processor Units (CPUs) as well as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) from companies such as Nvidia, MSI and EVGA. This software is built to be highly useful for beginners as well as professional computer enthusiasts. It gives you complete control over your processor chips using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) through which you can observe various aspects of processor performance all in one layout.

MSI Afterburner

Through MSI Afterburner, you get a highly detailed description of your computer’s processing hardware including the Central Processing Unit (CPU), fans, memory chips, BIOS and CMOS battery. The software allows you to adjust the performance of these parts according to your targets.

By using MSI Afterburner, you can control the speed of your system’s processor as well as the fan’s Rotations Per Minute (RPMs) so as to achieve a specific curve for optimum cooling. The software also empowers you to benchmark memory performance, adjust the memory clock, enhance BIOS ignition, and meter the power consumed by other motherboard components.

At the tap of a button, MSi Afterburner can perform triple overvoltage that immediately boosts your processor’s performance delivering a significant edge over the previous, standard output. Seeing as most computer users usually overclock their processors for the purpose of gaming, this software also displays the prevailing frame rates as you play games. This gives you a visual representation of how much MSI Afterburner has improved graphical delivery.

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Through these features, MSI Afterburner is capable of boosting processor performance by speeding it up while also setting the other components in a complementary way. This software is entirely free to download. This tool supports 64-bit systems and can also be improved with custom skins. It is multilingual and comes bearing a proprietary Kombustor benchmarking facility for speed measurement. This amazing software also contains Furmark tools to monitor thermal capability. Through its built-in video recording facility, this fantastic software can record footage of the overclocking process. If you are interested in overclocking, MSi Afterburner should be the first tool in mind.

EVGA Precision X

Explicitly developed for Intel Central Processing Units (CPUs), EVGA Precision X is a free tool that you can use to overclock your processor. It is very convenient because the unit comes with ten customized user profiles so that you can overclock with a single tap. This software is fantastic for gamers because it combines precision and user-friendliness. Notably, EVGA Precision X can be used to enhance the performance of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). In this case, it works explicitly with NVidia GPUs. Therefore, if you want to overclock a GPU, EVGA Precision X fits the bill.

EVGA Precision X

This software is characterized by a user-friendly interface that empowers you to swiftly switch from one user profile to the next. It also contains facilities to adjust the fan speed and processor voltage as well as determine a specific memory offset. Through EVGA Precision X, you can overclock your CPU or GPU while balancing the performance of other components at the same time. This is all accomplished through a user-friendly interface.

A popular characteristic of modern gaming rigs is an extensive LED light implementation. The Precision X software has a lovely trick up its sleeve for this feature that is known as LED Sync. Through this facility, you can determine the Red, Green or Blue (RGB) glows of the LED lights in your fans, chassis and motherboard so as to create any pattern you want!

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Over and above all, this software shines by providing independent voltage setting as well one-click overclocking that saves you time and energy when boosting your processor’s performance. Once you’ve made the perfect calibration, you can set it as your profile and even take screenshots using a programmable hotkey. EVGA Precision X is a fully functional overclocking software for your Windows operating system.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

This software tool is excellent for beginners looking to delve into the world of overclocking. Built specifically for the Windows operating system, Intel XTU is capable of stress testing, overclocking and monitoring a computer system. It has a fantastic interface that presents its powerful features through interactive, user-friendly controls. This overclocking software is uniquely capable with Intel processors as well as motherboards.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU)

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) software provides a set of tools that you can use to overclock your processor and chart the overall performance progress. Furthermore, you are able to control the processor’s temperature as well as its processing frequency.

Through its manual tuning tab, this fantastic software enables you to tweak the graphics, CPU voltage levels, memory offset and graphical output. Furthermore, you can use this software to simulate stress tests that can help you to identify if your system will stay stable after overclocking is complete.

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Overclocking requires numerous settings and adjustments that you can track by saving a user profile in this software. With this resource, you can replicate an overclock in the future using a single click. Due to the enormous effectiveness of Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU), it is advisable to understand the ideal settings for your machine so as to avoid destroying its components.

AMD Overdrive

Developed primarily for AMD processor chips, the AMD Overdrive software is an excellent software tool that you can use to overclock your CPU. It is available for Windows at no cost whatsoever! Through this high-tech software, you can adjust the speed as well as the voltage of the processor chip to fit the curve that you want.

AMD Overdrive (2)

Through AMD Overdrive, you can enhance your computer system to make it perfect for gaming and excellent photo and video editing. This software provides an intuitive user interface through which you can make these adjustments and view their effects in real-time.

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In its home dashboard, you can observe elements such as the memory clock, voltage levels, fan speed and overall temperature. Even better, you can run a stability test after the process of overclocking is complete so as to observe the resultant computer system performance! AMD Overdrive is natural to learn so beginners can embark on overclocking using this software. Its ease of use and smooth graphical interface make AMD Overdrive a very popular CPU overclocking software.

Intel Desktop Control Center

This is a fabulous overclocking software that provides you with all the tools that you need for overclocking in one convenient location.  The main objective of this software is to enable single tap overclocking. Thus, it arrives already configured to provide the best overclock for gaming. That said, you can still use the interface of the Intel Desktop Control Center to perform manual overclocking.

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It provides you with graphical dials that you can use to increase the CPU speed and enhance the memory clock. This software also provides a visual guide to the processor’s temperature and data loads on the serial, memory and PCI buses. To guarantee a seamless overclocking experience, Intel Desktop Control Center also equips you with tabs that you can use to monitor, test and save user-defined overclock settings. Through these features, Intel Desktop Control Center is a reliable overclocking software for your CPU.

CPU Tweaker 2.0

More suited to professional overclocking enthusiasts, CPU Tweaker 2.0 is a software that provides a full suite of overclocking capabilities. It is perfect for the Intel i-Series of embedded processors and is fully compatible with AMD Phenom processors too! The CPU Tweaker provides all the information that you would want to know about your processor before and after overclocking. This includes the CPU model, motherboard model, memory characteristics, system frequency and all associated timings.

CPU Tweaker 2.0

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Through this software, you can increase the voltage delivery to your processor, adjust the memory clock, change the fan speed to compensate for rising temperatures and adjust BIOS characteristics according to your requirements. It is a highly specific tool that makes the overclocking process as thorough as possible. In addition to that, you can get CPU Tweaker for free!


If you would like to overclock your CPU in a Windows operating system environment, CPU Z and GPU Z can facilitate the process perfectly. These tools are combined into one comprehensive overclocking software. Through a simple dashboard, you can observe overall system analytics as well as performance before and after the overclocking procedure.

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The CPU Z module will provide you with highly detailed reports on the condition of your system’s processor, motherboard and GPU status. Any information regarding your processor is provided in this dashboard view for example voltage, temperature, memory clock, shaders, cache levels and packages. On the other hand, the GPU Z module provides information about your graphics card. CPU Z and GPU Z overclocking software are compatible with all types of processors including Intel, AMD and Nvidia. It is freely available software that performs excellent overclocking.


When it comes to overclocking, Set FSB is a tool that easily overclocks your system. It has a simple interface that beginners can understand in minutes. The tool also offers options that assist you in performing thorough overclocking. Some examples of these options include a Control Dashboard, Diagnosis Center, Customization section and Clock Generator.

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Set FSB sets itself apart from other overclocking software because it operates in a very different way. It affects the Front Side Bus (FSB) and directly connects the overclocked CPU to your main memory. This provides you with ample opportunity to boost your processor’s performance to the utter limit. Essentially, Set FSB overclocks your processor by primarily increasing the overall FSB rate of performance.

MemSet 4.1

The memory chip is closely related to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in terms of controlling the speed of your computer. As such, there are software tools that can be used to enhance the performance of your memory chips. A shining example of such software is MemSet 4.1. This iconic software tool is lightweight, free and extremely effective in boosting memory performance.

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Through its facilities, you can tweak the system memory and fine-tune it for your specific need for example, gaming or intense multimedia editing. MemSet 4.1 is very effective but it requires in-depth knowledge of how to perform overclocking and overall system optimization.

Sapphire TriXX Utility

Does your computer use an AMD Central Processing Unit (CPU)? If it does, you can use the Sapphire TriXX Utility to overclock it. This awesome software has a beautiful interface through which you can adjust the memory clock, voltage delivery and select a VBIOS. The Sapphire TriXX Utility makes it possible for you to continuously monitor the temperature, CPU load, RGB effects and memory clock continuity. In this way, you can easily observe the before and after effects of your overclocking effort. Sapphire TriXX Utility is very powerful and suits both beginner and professional overclockers.

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Things to know before overclocking your computer system

  • Acquire a reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The process of overclocking relies on delivering smooth, steady extra voltage to your CPU as well as other motherboard components. That said, invest in a reliable Power Supply Unit (PSU). This is a unit that can support between 110 volts and 360 volts of power without blowing a fuse or going up in flames. There are companies that provide excellent PSUs such as Corsair and Seasonic. Thus, look to these brands when buying a PSU for the laptop or desktop computer that you want to overclock.

  • Invest in great overclocking software

Hardware plays a massive role in overclocking, but the software provides the control centre for this process. That said, it is essential to make sure that you have capable overclocking software running on the computer. This is important because you need to see the performance statistics before and after overclocking. You also need to perform system stress tests before overclocking so that you can observe if your machine can handle the boost. We have provided some reliable reviews of software above that you can use to overclock your computer.

  • Perform overclocking in increments

Overclocking provides excellent results if it is performed correctly. it is necessary to overclock your computer in measurable increments. Increase the base clock in increments of 5Mhz at a time and stress test your machine each time. This helps you to observe the maximum capability that it can handle without suffering a burnout.

  • Understand how to adjust the memory clock

The memory clock refers to the speed at which your computer’s RAM can receive and dispatch data packets. The process of overclocking significantly increases this rate so you need to monitor it. Begin by finding out the base memory clock and then use stress testing to find out how much your chips can handle.

  • Cool the system

Overclocking produces a lot of heat by transforming voltage into processing capability. If left unchecked, this heat can melt down computer components and destroy your machine. Thus, learn how to increase fan speed safely or install after-market fans into your system unit. The target is usually cooling the system to below 22 degrees Celsius so as to achieve a guaranteed overclock of 200 MHz. You can cool it further so as to provide even more voltage to your system safely.


It is possible to get blazing-fast performance from your computer system without having to buy new components or purchase brand new machines. This can be accomplished by merely overclocking the CPU. This is where you deliver more electrical power to this chip while keeping the temperature low and maintaining a steady load on the memory chips. We have reviewed a collection of software above that utilizes user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to help you accomplish proper overclocking. This software is free and you can download them right away to boost your computer’s performance. Take note that you need to learn the limits of your computer system before overclocking so that you do not damage its components. Overclock your CPU using this software to play intense games with lightning-fast response times!